Friday, April 28, 2006

Can you PLEASE forgive my rant?!

I really let off some much , needed steam, last night!I, sincerely apologise!Or do I? I have a therapist, whom feels that all I release in these pages, prevents me from , completely exploding! I got to spend some cherished time with a kindred friend, Anna Young, and I believe she permitted me to unleash my emotions.Yep, I cried. BUT- she presses me to remember, that, where do I let some things fall on the shoulders of Our Lord?SO many humans, have this insatiable need to THINK/TRY, 2 deal with it all, like they are  in a boxing ring, expecting a flashy belt as a prominent show of Victory?! "IF," I were capeable to deal with it ALL, on me own, I wouldn't need, nor ask, for The Lords' interject! First and foremost, I don't seem to follow His lead to a Tee! "IF," I did, I swear 2 you, I'd NOT have as many speed bumps, in which to hurdle! It tripps me out, to realise, how often, when me back is against the wall, I cry , LOUDLY, heart and soul, 4 His assist! Yet, still, I attempt to rule , all by myself?! Talk about a control freak!

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