Thursday, April 20, 2006

There IS, always, more to learn!

"Save my life, I'm going down 4 the last time!" Life, IS a tripp! Things spew at you, without warning. BUT- that is just how it goes. I was enabled, to learn , a NEW story, that I hadn't heard before. It's called, "Stone Soup"-

             There was a time, where all in the village, had, next to NOTHING! When they , LEAST, expected it, a man shown himself, out of NOwhere! He, had nothing, to their options, either. Starved, he requested a bit of food."All," told him the same, "We haven't ANYthing to share!"

          Dude, placed himself, in the middle of the town, and, from his bag, drug out , three PERFECTLY round rocks, built a fire, and placed , over it, a kettle with all he required, to boil! As he did this, he sounded, ohmigoodness-this is THE best soup, I've ever tasted! "IF, only we had some carrotts, it would be perfect!"           From the outskirts, "I , THINK, I may have a carrott or two!" the person made way to include them. --------"OH, YES!, this IS fantastic! Could one imagine, if we were to have a bit of potatoe?"-------Another, reached into their slight supply, and located a VAT, of extra taters!to ADD.--my, my, my, nothing has tasted better..............however, imagine if we had a wee, bit of pork?wHAT A DELIGHT, it shall be:).   Without warning, the next individual, exposed an amount of Beef, to add, from their scant provisions. How, delightful, as the entire village, came to FEAST! "All," slept soundly, with FULL bellies.                        NOW, what IS, the moral, to this story?

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