Friday, April 7, 2006

We, HAD us a TIME!

Wanna know something? "It's a highway ticket, to midnight@!"CALL it, Heavy Metal NOISE!" Back in the day, we jammed, even the strongest substitute..............DOWN under! We, ALL, 'cept some, were a bunch of scrawney MOTHERS! YET-, we established a documentational realm of existance! From being one of THE , most UNdesireable notions to follow, I, came to be one of the BEST-----and looked towards! When I was MUCH shorter, than I was , then, I was THE mouse effect!!!! I, was squishable!AND, had NO, formidable attitude, that would EVEN be acknowledged!BUT-, now, I had the world, in the palm of me hand!!!!!!!! "Kiss my ASS!", I have something , you couldn't EVEN have DREAMED of , when you were Taller!"DIG, me, Baby,"--     EVEN, the MOST baddest, mothers, couldn't lay a pinky on me!"PARENTAL UNITS?, skrew!!!!!!! Now, let us get Honest- i was a premature ejaculation! The pluck, I , had ANY idea, that this was EVEN possible!!!I, Finally , RULED! U-N-T-I-L-L!    "reality, WHAT a concept!" Peoples, let us ALL, get REAL-! Life, is a trial and tribulation, of this, that ,and such! I, was taken into a ?homestead?, of, WHAT, only to be unleashed , upon the world, as WHAT? It , took me 42 years of NONattention, to figure out , that I had a darn,BIG issue, to prove!Anyone, feel , similar? Let US, move forward, into Reality!

                 Here I come, invariably determined! I , landed into a "town," where I could RULE, with my indescribable , insatiable intellect of power, and lure! I, hit it, and I hit it , with BOTH sides of the brain!PLEASE, I hadn't the faintest, idea, the destruction, I was able to cause! Lest, I skrewed EVERYONE, up!I, was a medium sized ,bundle of MASS detruction------------did I know? ---NOPE! I, began a trial and tribulation of "Socratice'"I, was , destruction, in desguise! Ask, me, IF, I am proud of that?! nope! BUT-at that time of my existance, I, thought I was the "Queen of Arts." The, path of demolition, I left behind, made , "Ponius Piolet," look like a fool! I, began, and did NOT quit!UNTILL, I was caged, once again, and-----lest, TRUTH------was ALL, I had to , be able to face!I, had abled to, bury myself, afore, ANYone, had the chance , to!"Fuck, ME?----FUCK, YOU!" You won't EVEN , get a remote chance!skrewball! I've been skrewed, a time or two, before, YOU , can't TOUCH me!REAL, nice , attitude, huh!YEAH,! I'll , fuck you, first, afore you EVEN cum NEAR!       nifty attitude, HUH!? Try, living, that way!--------------------New, Fresh sheets, are lookin' GREAT, right about now! Wanna know, somethin'?Here , I am, groping at progression, and FUCKIN' gettin' a twisted finger on it!!!!!!!!!! STILL-, my stuffed, plush , soft-BEAR-! It , amazes me, that she still, IS there 4 me. Not even a credit collection, agency, can rob her from me!

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