Thursday, April 20, 2006

SO, what do I do NOW!

Dear Lord, I'm in trouble AGAIN! However, I didn't do anything?! My husband, is a drunk!I, didn't find that easy to admit! Cum to find, he's goin' , back to jail! NOW- how do I explaine this to OUR children?WE- depend on his earnings, for support!Mycat is confused, too!SO, I'm NOT the only one!NOW, it's UP 2 me? Skrew! Here I AM, trying me best, and I've the need 2 go 2 bat, for a scum sucker?! Where was he? I'm getting REAL tired, of cumming to his rescue! He, doesn't EVEN make it worth while!Talk about a hemoroid!Are ALL men , like that?

           I'm in the mood, to tell him the truth! He, can take his abusive self, and climb up the nearest tunnel!Here I AM, attempting to Bounce Around The Room. AND, what do I have to do with, his rescue? Wanna know sumpthin',he'll be permanently scared, when I win, withOUT, male muscle!He , canNOT STAND, a vixen, whom scores! It's a control THANG! Granted, penises, rock, BUT-...             is that the ONLY head they have 2 think with? WOMEN, U R NOT alone! Men R from Mars/Women- R- from Venus! Neither one of us , can figure the other! Fact, of the matter, IS, all of us, simply need to do our best!AND, if we canNOT, give it a rest!"David Bowie," said, "but i try!" Ya wish to know sumpthin', so do I!Modern Love?! stinks!     I, cannot prove it, YET- but, I threw down, and, then, there was nothing left!I'm convinced, there is a lot MORE! But- with the remote controls, we wouldn't know!

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