Friday, April 14, 2006

There IS, Always Hope!

Cum to Papa-, I, have GOT 2 share! I just spent , "THE," most Fabulous time! I was Blessed to be able to play Spades, as well as converse with me ALL time, Best friend! electronically permitted, Of course!As , I lost, -203, SHE, acclaimed, 302:). Talk about , "Yin/Yang:). We conversed about my Last, jail time , spent! During that Down time, I came to a segment, where, I -GLADLY- came to the decision, "ENOUGH!" I , had masterfully plotted, on how to take out my face/head, against the wall, laiden with written comments, that made me wish to "Whoops!" I, had HAD it!I took a professional stance, and began, plot of deliverance! "RIGHT," before I collided with the wall of stone---my eyes, mtsteriously opened, and I was given the gift of being ABLE to percieve, "THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE, WITHOUT, WE HAVE NOTHING!"Obviously, since I am blessed with the opportunity to jot this down to you, I did NOT collide:). In a menagerie of, "I need a bag!'" Cyndi sucks dick for a high," ETC., in a place , where I would LEAST expect- THE light shown through! Sumpthin', such as my best friends' and my, scores! We simple humans, THANK, we got it goin' ON?! And, allow me to point out an inescapeable fact. There ARE, millions of us, all over the place/planet, that know I'm not fibbing!Son of a buiscut, there are , just too, many instances, that may NOT be poofed away! You know it, and so do I! Lets take an example.Please! "TREES-" they have weathered storms, upon storms, yet, , very few, take the time to say "hello," to them! [SOMEBODY CALL THE THERAPIST 4 THIS ONE] I read in, "The Upper Room," that what we do to others, is a glorious opportunity, for the "GOOD," vibes, to reverberate, back! Makes sense.I spent a substantial amount of time, in a place, called Muncy State Penetentery. While I was ther, I adopted , THE most wonderous tree, we were UNable to grace its' branches, by nestling into. I was graced to be able , EACH/EVERY day, to pass it/her/him?, and speak with it:). Most found me madd. Come to find out, at the end of my stay, a woman , wrote me a note, "i thought she thought i was a dweeb-" She sang praise to my oddities, and , after hanging with me fer a few, found MY tree, to be a character!As I depart, for the moment, I PRAY, "Molly the Cat, "finds her way OUT!This precious , tiny, nibblet of Gods' feline creatures, got herself, wedged between two buildings, and for TWO weeks, has cried out for rescue:( And , "i," think MY life has downfalls. Ishrink, at observing her dilemna and stride for freedom/water/food?!

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