Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just Me Mind , GOING...

So much has been , transpiring in my life, these days. Yesterday, my Girls, were in track and field, within their School. I've NEVER missed one of 'em. However, for The For the first time....Alan , also participated. These days, I am on High Blood Pressure medication. I took what I had, but was short of TWO of the pills. After two hours, I began feeling light headed and that I needed to fall asleep??!!!

             I told Alan, I HAD, to go home and go and get the missing meds. He, agreed to remain, and asked if I required a help, HOME. I said, "NOPE, I'm in GODS' hands, I just need to care for this, meself. All became well, I obtained my meds, and nibbled a bit, and , THEN, fell fast asleep, for an hour or two.

         Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! , The Girls did quite well, and were exstatic, that their Daddy, finally showed to a point in their lives. I was Pleased as punch, when he said THANKS, for including him??!!!!

             I am seeing another man, these days. Sit DOWN 4 this one...he's friends with Alan, from long ago. Now, there isn't sex betixed this man and i, but, he is gentle and adoring of all THREE of us lil' women. He's , also, bestqwed an operable VCR, for us to use. THE FIRST movies , the babes brought out to view, were those of their /our earlier years, INCLUDING , Alan and Christmas/Easter /ETC>! I do NOT mind saying, it tore me innards OUT! Bobby, my companion, was enthraulled with them??!!! I asked , IF- this irked him at all?! He said, "Nope, it just shows whom you REALLY are. "No wonder your Children are the way they ARE!" I , MUST agree with him, it shows their roots.

           Summer is upon us, quickly. School, is at it's end, fairly quickly. I Thank GOD, I have LEARNED , how to take the time to be Blessed, with a Sound , Summer activity based schedule , for the Girls to be surrounded with. They WILL be attending CAMP, strewn from The Y.M.C.A.! As a matter of fact, Megans' Birthday Party,will go off, THIS Saturday, and The LORD has provided all we require, for NO hitches:)- It would appear, that Bobbie and Alan, will be the barbiquers. { Holy  Merde'}

            I'm NOT, very settled with this !  Fact of the matter, IS- I am STILL In LOVE , with my husband, despite all that was done to us??!!!! YES- call me a lunatic, BUT- I would NOT have said "I DO," if I weren't in it . for the LONG HAUL!!  I'm still pinching meself, that Bobbie isn't pressuring me for SEX!  FER REAL, for real, I have a head ache.LOL

            I require some sleep, afore tomorrow, BUT- I had to spill, This evening. I, shall allert you to the proceedings, at a later date. PROMISE!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

YOU tell me...

I , reside SO , CLOSE to my Family, that has transpired! The factual MATTER, that exists, IS- I'm the only one , whom visits them??!!!!  The weirder FACT, IS, I was the Black sheep , of the volume!

                I've met a FAMILY , or three , in me day, NONE of them, have been as FAR , fetched as mine. FUCK- I'm a borrowed particle. OH! Please, don't git me wrong, I'm BLOOD LINE!   'Cept, I was hatched and , then BOUGHT! There is only ONE, True connect! Her name is Gail. She IS , The ONLY one, whom claimed me as a part of the Family, that should be SHOT, afore they  multiply further!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I ache , from head to toe...

 Crazy  Face PlantI , sincerely, ACHE, from head to toe!

This makes little to NO SENSE! Permit me to be more precise. I have made , Glorious progress, on the yard, AND, the Spring cleaning , thingy! { most likely , is WHY I'm so , darn sore, LOL} My life , is generating in a fantastic direction, CHILDREN included. I am loved and appreciated by the plants , aminals and kindred folk, ETC.! So , what is my fuckin' problem?!!

            Peoples, I have been Blessed with , fantastic muzik, played  just 4 me!!!!!!!!!!!!   Still, I am allowing myself to be plagued with this depressed frame of mind, that is taking it's toll, on me body? My heart is OVERFLOWING with Great wishes to share the wealth, BUT- I chose to isolate, for as I don't wish to infect anyone with my disintigration.

        OUTSIDE, is , Sunny and warming into the low 70s'. The bird feeder is filled  with seed, and surrounded with Grateful Tweeeters:):). Yet , again, I turned the radio , OFF, simoly to speak with, as well as to LISTEN to their songs of LOVE.

          Ya'll, KNOW, I'm not wealthy, $$ wise. But I tell you from my heart, 'Trump,' ain't got squat on me . LOL!!  The other night, I had bill money , put aside, BUT- I scamped on a bit of it, for St. Anthonys' , put on their annual, Spring carnival. It costs $12.00 per child, to get a bracelette, which gets then on any ride they wish to go on. Let us say, they had a BLAST! The LORD , provided me , to give them a memory to last them a LIFE time!  Poor Ashley, got sick on the one ride, but, never the less, the whole gala was priceless to her!

                I must take a slight break, but- I WILL continue in THIS sbject, in a few:)...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Did ya EVER?

Did ya ever believe, ya hit your toe, off of something, and, MOST UNDOUBTEDLY, it was going to HURT?

            And , then , RIGHT afore you said, "OUCH," you realise it didn't hurt at all??????????????  SOOOOoooooo, you giggled . And realized, it didn't hurt a bit??!!!!


          tHE DAYS OF MY LIFE , HAVE BEEN GROWING, STRANGER, EACH AND EVERYONE OF 'EM!  awe fuck it, i hit the wrong key. {{OR DID I??}}

         "Don't you know, you are a shooting a star," is on, NOW! Two friends, I have thought of , deeply, for MANY years, J-U-S-T crossed me path! 

          I HAD to enscribe this afore I went to plat in the yard !!  Yesterday, my Old amd KIND friemd, , was placed at the checkpout counter , directly , ahead of me! As she turned to leave, she struck my eyes' ,l and said ," Don't I know you?" I responded, quietly, "YES, just give ne a sec, and we can speak."  I NEEDED that break to TRY to muddle through  what i was going to say to her.

          THIS PERSON, was KT!  I have her artwork, hung, throughout my housES, from day #1!

         NEXT, I'm toying with me My Space, and another , old Friend , broke the ice and left me a send??!!!!   {do i have to say much more, here?} What, in GODS' name, is going ON? I shall tell you , IF or when, Tazra returns my response.

         I , FEEL, it's a GREAT time to putter in the garden! Weather is GREAT, and so are me nerves. N-O-T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL   Love ya-




Saturday, May 3, 2008

No matter what SEEMS , destructive, turns about!

   "Lil Bit," Dayna Feola, Finally called me.

                  THIS woman, , I met, whence I HAD to reside in, { what I CHOSE to call, 'Shea Lackawanna,'} It's the county jail.    I had the  oportunity, to usher her 18th Birthday, in with her, whilst in h-e-l-l?!!  We, became kind friends. { do NOT get stupid!!}  My husband, decided , NOT TO send me finances, to buy coffiee/stamps/ ETC>! SOOOOOoooooooo, she helped me, as best she could, as i drew envelopes for the other inmates, so as to raise neccessities.

         She allowed the deevil to take her down, again, after she got out, and left us, for 11 months:(  SHE'S BAAAAAAAAAAAACK:). Her mind, is REaligned, and she sought the Girls and I.

         I, am THRILLED...for I have a sound stauture , in order , for her to draw from. I am , SO proud of her! her parental units, are plagued with addictions and lunacy. THIS TIME, she's VIGILANT, to pull HERSELF, up by the bootstraps MAKE IT!  Spaz  Personally, I am reaching a space, where I can HELP her 'Break The monsters BACK!'

          Basicaly, it's in GODS' Hands! However, since I AM progressing...there's a chance I actually CAN , be of assist??!!! 

         It was a TOTAL thrill, to speak with my Friend, Again! We have Plans, and dreams , filled with HOPES!

          Without this BOOK of ours, I'd become STUCK:(. It is THE- Ultimate Blessing, in which to share and inner-most thoughts, without bugging everyone, and paying for it, as well.  Peace be unto...