Thursday, April 27, 2006

There are , just some things...

How , does one  deal with life on lifes' terms?YEAH!, a bunch of us think we got it goin' on!For Real, fer real, we ain't got squat! How do we become , so obtuse? Well, I THINK, it's because, we have, an UNcanny knack to overthrow, all that is irksome! "We ARE, going to flatten the MAN! How dare we fall. We, HAVE to prove something! IS, that what we wish? Cum on, we have 2 do sumthin' RIGHT!

       FACT of the matter, IS, we have done a great job, sustaining:). Ya'll think it's EASY? It's NOT! TOO, many, are put under a scope............and THEN disected!        "I will get by---------I will survive!" That, IS, The Dead! At an earlier date, in my existance, I didn't realise?! I fucking DO, now! Please, pardon my cursings. I, sincerely apologise! I, simply meant it from the core! It amazes me, how splurr of vocabulary, sometimes, just gets the job done BETTER!"Git 'er DONE!" Forgive me, I'm peeved! Here I go, with two wonderful children, and SQUAT, in order to  allow their dreams to blossom! Their Dad, is a flambouyant imbosile!And, I have to rely , on THE kindness of others!THAT, bites! I'm angry, and I feel "stupid!" I THOUGHT, I had more intellect, than THAT!However, Look at what The Lord, has presented US with, child form:)-They are THE, most delectable creatures, Ya ever wished to know!I have a bit , more than I expected, upon me platter! However, I, now, have a focal point, that outstands any obstacle! Sum, say, that the Army, IS, the toughest job , they ever LOVED?! BALDERDASH!, TRY, raising proper , little women! TOO, many, seem to take this priority, as a hoax?! FUCK that! This ain't a joke! This is a raw, discipline, that comes from ones' soul! Skrew- try RAISING, boys, as well! No one, is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are SOUND individuals, that didn't ask 4 you to present them,-----------U, did that from , whatever reason! Still-, "if yer gonna play, Ya'd better PAY!" If I ever met ANYONE, whom brought a child into THIS world, and threw them 2 the Heap, I'd mash you!By the way, the discipline THANG, doesn't mean to slap the beejapers outta them, "it comes from one's solace!"h-e-a-r-t! Ya feel me?! I'm NOT, attempting to preach! I've been, where a child MUST not go! It hasn't ANYthing to do with $$$$$$$, nor substatiality!It has to do with, why you had the child in the first place!Whether, you bought her/him, or , whatever,-WHY? One MUST ask, ones self a relative question! Yeah, I'm begining to address, what I've experienced! It, may, seem a bit extream. BUT- how would YOU  feel? Yo!- I ain't no Angel! Still, the reason I'm NOT, is that , me heart was broken, afore I began! IF, I appeal to ANYone......PLEASE- don't do this 2 someone, 4 , U wouldn't dig it , being done to you!ESPECIALLY, since the world is going to the _____ in a hand bag! No one cares about MUCH! 'Cept, if it has an account placed behind it!Yumpin' Yimini, people don't even get Married, anymore, without a PREnup! Git Ya thinkin'? I apologise, if I am making , too, much sense, or----being 2 forward----------BUT! I'm sick and flippin' tired, of holding my observations inside! I'm gonna obtain a boil, if I don't spew, from time 2 time! You, FEEL me! And you KNOW you do! Gimme a break- I would bet me last dollar, that some one , some where, wouldn't say the same THANG, if they COULD! I'm sick and tired, of the weasles in this world, whom take ALL 4 granted!Take yer bank account , and stick it , where the sun DOESN'T shinE! Put yer $$$$$, where yer heart is! Reach out! Touch someone, before they cascade down the spiral staircase!

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