Monday, April 24, 2006

It would appear, I need a good, sound spanking!

Life throws stuff at one, like NObodies buisness!I gotta spew 4 a sec!However, ALL, that does NOT kill one, only makes them stronger! Here we flippin' go, again! Alan and hi s up and coming bout, with ANOTHER sentencing, 4 DUI/NO license/NO Ins.,/ No Inspect./NO NOTHING- and being the third ONE, is escaping his family responsibilities, AGAIN! He shall go afront the judge, three days afore his youngest daughters Birthday, removing himself from the promises he bestowed upon them for party/ CAMP/ LIFE! He fully expects me to take up the slack, and DEAL with their recompense, BUT- I shall not fall!Nor, will I fail these fragile women!I, only have "me," to work? with! Alone and solo. BUT- I shall enhance their world, with dilligent LOVE!-----I HOPE!---- I've arrived at a place, that seems wreckless and saddened , by flippin' reality! STILL- there is ALWAYS hope!Big f__kin' deal , if I'm always broke!THAT, is NOT the point! Urge, of substantial progress, comes from WAY deeper! Nope, I'm NOT related to "Donald!" So be it! However-If I have the heart to move further, for ones that aren't even me--------------there ARE, no boundaries!

                 I wrote to Elton. Two weeks ago! I THOUGHT, I had a chance at a loving relationship?! Still, the letter returned, with a check notice, saying, he has been released with NO forwarding address!I, AM, devistated!!!!! I had me heart, steadfast, on REkindling a solid companionship, with ONE, whom I wished to Cherish!Foolish me, I dreamt too large!I , figured, life COULD be GRAND! I am SO fueled by the thought of having a companion, that I included the one , whom rocked my world?! Still, I found he fell short, at one time. However, I wasn't lookin' at life with the best glasses in the ballroom! I learned of my indesgressions and fool HARDY  imbosilic moves, and came up with the realisation, that I was QUITE the fiend! How DARE I, miss such substantial signals? or did I? Fact of the matter, IS, having to do with his constant progress and , NEW Found life style, we BOTH have much to offer! If, ONLY, I could cascade through life on the back of his "Harley!"He digs OVERLY-SATURATED pop-corn, a GOOD movie, and the shower aspect, doesn;t come into a wrong play, EITHER! You should see him saturated, with his Leather ON! It's orgasmic!He has the "Pink Floyd," emblem,tattooed on his CHEST:)- From what I'm led to realise, he's got a LOT of tattoooes:):):):):):):).I wish he'd look at MINE! I, normally, ONLY pray to God, for MAJOR thangs! OR, other peoples! Fact of the matter, IS, I have reached a spot in my life, where, I am "SO," lonely, I actually prayed for a TRUE companion! I have a deep desire, to CARE for someone else, besides my children/meself. I NEED someone to hold/pamper/  coddle!!!!!!!!!! I, have NO desire, to locate this subject in a flippin' bar! And, I WON'T! Still- I am a deserving individual, whom ACHES for a companion of WORTH! I was wishing it was Elton!He's a tripp! BUT- he's a GOOD man! He's been through the wringer, and so have I! We, NOW, have , EVERYTHING, in common!Besides, he's THE best cuddler that ever was!

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