Tuesday, May 2, 2006

I'm confused?!

I know, life sometimes, throws us , curve balls! That's JUST life. But, they have said somewhere, sometime, that-God doesn't give us , any more than we can handle!Yet, at times, I beg to differ:).

          My husband, has bestowed his newest saga, upon me. He declairs, he has lung cancer, and has three months to live?! Granted, I don't appreciate hic antics, but, the mere thought of a human, having to go through that mess,is completely unsettling! Especially, since he is the companion, whom ushered my /our children , into this world, and into my life!

           If you'll excuse me, I have JUST had the clog in me tub, disintegrated:):):):). I, wish to cleanse it, thoroughly, and submerge into it, for a sound cleaning, of ME:). I wish to rehash, my thoughts, a bit later. Thankyou, for your patience.

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