Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's Willow time-

Life is a fuckin' tripp! I have SO much potential, it's not even funny!However, it took a kindred woman, to remind me, to leave ALL in the Lords' hands, and all WILL be well!She has a prominent point! O.K., enough with the !!!!!!!!!. I was able to speak with a cherished friend, this evening, she's @79ish, and she has a mind like a steel trap. Her name is "Pat," and she has been through her own wringers! She, astoundingly, STILL accepts my entity, and THINKS, I don't listen to her words of wisdom?! Fact of the matter , IS, I "DO!"She's a REAL pest, with her NO-HOLDS-BARRED attitude of supream authority, but- she is wise! I'm still, confused on why she spends ANY time counseling me?!BUT- she does.We lock horns, each and every conversation. However, we are sort of addicted to one another. Elton, has been released from jail! I wrote to him. The letter , returned , stating , return to sender, inmate released without a forwarding address!I'm not completely stupid, he's scared! He thinks , anything to do with me, could land him BACK! Especially, since my husband, IS a caniving , juggular vein stabber!Lemme tell you what- I have constantly dreamed, let alone , prayed- for our reconciliation!!!!!! The mere thought, of ME, on the back of his "Harley," wrapped around him, as we go past warp speed, ignights mu molecular being!Motor-Cycles, scare the crap outta me! I'd MUCH , preferre' a sound , flat bed Ford!BUT- wrapped around his mid section, delights me.I'm dieing, anyhow, why not let it ROCK?!E.J., has a profound effect on me!ONE time, we dropped acid-----and , he went to the store for cigs, whilst I showered.He was clad in jeans and a Leather jacket+boots!Upon his return, as all was kicking in, he chose to NOT strip and entered the shower, WITH me:).I was NEVER so enamored and satisfied!That , young man, pasted me to the shower wall, and took his prime of me! I was astounded..........and PLEASED  beyond words!He kisses like a Viking in Heat!I/he, took places , all over the flippin' house, exploring one another, and crashing the coffiee table to the floor:)."THAT," was the night , our son , Zakkary, was concieved!Elton, has an UNcanny ability, to play the guitar! I ACHE, to be able to listen to him, BUT- he has NOT made his presence or placement, know 2 me?!I miss him, SO much!At this point of my existance, I am one wanton woman!I require a companion! A REAL one!I have so much to offer this man, yet- because of his issues, he won't cum near me.I USED 2 do drugs. "IF," antone , even tried to administer a drug to me, forceably, I'd whoop the mutha!I have learned, life is TOO precious, to waste on THAT crap!I , unusually, have been praying, for The one, to come into my life, so that I may share EVERYTHING with. I never asked THAT, afore. However, I am destitute and I finally deserve a secure companion! And THAT is just the truth!

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