Tuesday, April 4, 2006

ON!, to the next excursion!

Here I go, again! I am permitting , myself to stray from the whole prison scene. AWE!, so kill me. I, Will rekindle, but I am in rare form. I'm exhausted , and am listening to "Our House," in the middle of our street?! We had a dinner, this evening. I/We, provided some tasty morsels of this/that/and the other thang! I'm recovering. Yet- all had a Dandy time, and shown sides of worth that were UNdeniable!I, was most pleased! For, I've not had A chance to have friends stop by, for QUITE some time. Fact of the matter , IS, I'm going to die, soon. And I am elated, for cool company!I threw some of the MOST, bodaceous parties, this side of the Mississippi!BUT- this one , was a Gala, with food and promise. It's hard to breathe, so I should probably, take my meds, and lay the body down! I, USED to think , that life was an ONgoing process! The more fun, one had, the better it got!if, ANYONE tells you, there is a possibility, that one might run outta steam, don't find 'em wrong! Fact is, they have something righteous to determine! NO matter what you have gone through, NO ONE, is, exempt!UNbreakable combs------BREAK! I, USED 2 think I had it going on!Fact of the matter , IS-I'm as human as the next person. I AM destructable! And, 4 the most part, I did it to myself. When you are young, One feels, there is NOTHING, that can bring ONE down! It , usually begins with pains and aches, one --------passes off as ,GAS!Gimme a break, it taint no gas, it IS , ones body , giving reality a burp!

              I, have Hepatitis C/cancer/Neuroticism, and God knows what else?!I have children and a Dude/Husband, whom couldn't give a FigNeuton, about anyone, INcluding, himself!BUT-I continue to learn. 'Tis a a darn shame, I can't place the coolness, in his eyes. I require a boyfriend, like people need the air that they breathe! My daughters, are astounded, STILL- they attempt to figure me.I, simply pray, that my UNadulterated weirdness, sinks in, for to give them the strength,  that they will require, 'cuz, life ain't NO joke!

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