Friday, April 7, 2006


Pardon me, BUT- I'm writing these bodaceous blogs of my reality!:) Reason being, I haven't been AS consistant with me enteries, I've had a WHOLE lot, going on, these days!I lost an associate, thought me hisband kicked the bucket[i meant to say hisband, rather than husband!]You'll understand, as I ellaborate!My DEAREST, EarthMother, has been winding all the loose ends, for , their family, can't become that close , due to ,"Self adulerated UNawareness, and they , knowing full well, she is TOO kind and "Golden Hearted," to say "no:(!"Besides, the fact, that "Suzie," was HER friend/person, TOO!------I ASK of , you ALL, to send a prayer, 4 , EarthBaby, ain't no joke, and she is "OH, SO tired!"STILL-she , ALWAYS- , makes room for us ALL. The reality, of this , whole scenario, makes me wish to ralph! Whom EVER, stated the inconsistancy of , "it's COOL, to drug enhance your world, to move further?, needs to be prodded!You see, THIS- IS what I THOUGHT, was cool?! BOINK that! You see, I , MOST likely, could have done a WHOLE lot better, than to follow the UNcertainty!   Has, ANYone, ever heard of the expression, "The acorn DOESN'T fall 2 far from the tree?"Hey Babies, it's SO true!no disrespect intended!I am finding out, that MORE than "me," are realizing this INescapable F-A-C-T!For me, Thank GOD, I have this outrageous Spirit/Soul, which I believe , came from the ground UP! Blast!- I should have been -GONE- way AGO. Quite simply, it ISN'T all UP to me, Thank Goodness 4 that!Ya know- lemme, get back to my first foremat.See you, in the next saga:). Peace Be Unto...


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