Saturday, April 15, 2006

I, CAN be a foolish mortal!

Have mercy, I just lost what I wrote!SO, here we GO, again! It's Easter Eve! I, have just been adjoined with The Rabbit, himself! Wanna know sumthin'? Dude is kinda cool! I, had the glorious opportunity, to hook up with me BEST friend, in a GAME of Spades:)..We, did well, and we didn't. FACT, of the matter IS, we got hollerd at, for kibbitzing , TOO much?! SPANK, me, if I am off balance, but, THIS IS A G-A-M-E, isn't it?!OH!, 4 goodness sake! Let's get a thing , cleared! It's , Saturday night, and, if someone is playing games on the flippin' pewter, who's to jibe?????????I, guarantee, if yer there, you've got a cool reason in which, TO be! F-U-N, feel me?!So, wazzup? They got peeved, that we were conversing, 2 much? PLASTERWRAP, they won? Get a gripp!AND, then git 'er done! I, pray, that they , FINALLY, have noticed, how , darn well we giggled! BET- they got THEIR panties into a sweat!

       As , I said, it's Easter Eve! And, for sum nifty reason, the BUNNY, included me, into the festivities:). when, MY girls wake up, to realize what Easter, is REALLY about, they be going with a plastered smile!!!!!!!!!!!!     I, Used 2, think, that it was , another , deligated  opportunity, 4 me to go nuts! Thank GOODNESS, I am begining 2 grow UP! I, USED 2 feel, that life OWED me sumthin'! Bottom line, IS, what do I owe? I'll tell U da TRUTH! Pardon me , 4 gettin' it twisted, but, FINALLY, my Girls, are found , 2 be, two of the best behaved?! Holy Hobinieros?! "did i do that?" ohmigosh, YEAH! Ther, IS, always HOPE!

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