Thursday, April 20, 2006

The moral IS...

It absolutely floors arrive at realizations, I thought I knew EVERYthin' about, YET- knew bupkiss! Come on, you can't tell me, you didn't think you were "All THAT, & a bag of cashews," to find----nope?!It's cool! I fondly believe, that there isn't a being on this planet of ours, that hasn't felt like their underwear wasn't made of Sushie! But-that isn't what I wished to comply. As my days progress, I am stumbling on aspects of reality, that ARE astounding! Have you ever heard of a band, called "Janes' Addiction?" Have you ever listened to the words of their songs?Talk about rational honesty!Well, that WAS me.I seem to cascade through a WHOLE lotta portals! It tripps me out, from time to time.-----------ok., quit laughing at the Sushie thang! At least, I didn't mention the soy sauce!!!!!!!     ANYhoooooos, I went through SO, MANY lapses of , "I'm king sayer, NO higher!" Yet, as I live ON--,I am finding, there is just NO real need to go in that direction! First of all, it places a whole binch of UNneccessary pressures! PLUS, when one wins, it's even cooler, when one didn't know they had a war, in the first place:).

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