Monday, April 10, 2006

Can , you hear me?

SO-How Ya like me now? Yeah!, I know! BUT- there ARE, promising respits, on the horizon!I, haven't. allowed all this crap, to infect me! Alright, I DID, allow it to coloure my someone, BUT- I keep on, keeping on! I, have MORE intellect, than I ever , knew possible!I, may be a false, blonde- BUT, I have a mind!These Days!Well, Megan, took to me ,likeGLUE! I, am THE only one, whom can be there, when the anestisiactris, wear off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Jeepers, I actually spelled it:)And, I thought I invented a sniglette!Yeah!, I have  my senses, and dreams , of being a hillarious comic!My eye connection, would be AS good, as "Cosbys'", my facial gyrations, are , worth millions!ESPECIALLY, me eye contact!YET, sumtimes, Ya have to be there!In , order to benefit.Excuse me, whilst, I pay attention to my beast![that would be my cat]"Jesus," "He knows me, and IF Ya wanna get to heaven, Ya better treat me, right!"IF, Phil Collins can claime this, so can I!"Iv'e been talking to Jesus, all my life, and HE'S been tellin' me , that I'm alright!"O.K., so, I borrowed it! Fact of the matter, IS, you will , make a poop stain, outta yourself, without, ANY help from me!What da matter, TRUTH HURT? So, move beyond! THINK, I enjoyed, faceing the facts? NOPE!Fact of the matter, IS, we are All a bunch of skrewed up individuals, and THAT, is just- where it's at!The SAD part of it, IS- none of us, acclaime the GIFT, of someone else, to share it with! LET'S, get real! You. really think, you are THE only 0ne, whom has this tripp, to deal with?! GUESS what, I am there , too! THIS, is the reson, I desired to write this!I, was sick and flippin' tired, of feeling , like, "I," was , the ONLY!Skrew, there ARE, a LOT, of us, that have had our souls, trampled on!In, my opinion, someone, somewhere, best, say so! If not, we are all going to the bank, with a void check!ESPECIALLY, when one, thought it valid!Megan, STILL, hasn't given up! So- Why should you?!I'm NOT crying the blues! I, am, informing you, that, you R NOT alone!"IF,", I were, crying the blues, you'd know it!BUT- I am NOT! Nobody said, life , was going to be a dream.AND, 2 be quite honest..............I thought it WOULD be! Foolish mortal, that I was, it is a progression of lessons, that do NOT stop!AWE!, cum on, did you think it was going to be, easy?"Nothing GOOD, cums Easy!"THE- cool part of it, IS- when one wins, one gets OFF!Megan, hasn't had to have, ANY, more surgeries! And. as the world, gets wiser, she will NOT have it removed!I, have coaxed her, to make sure, she babies her head!The rest, is UP to me!AND- for the finale', we will BOTH. Make It!Because, GOD, don't make junk! I, thought, I made meself! Finally, I realised, how silly I was!

                   At , this point of OUR time, we have a SMALL castle, and a school district, that rocks the Casbar!Not only, are my children, moving FORWARD, but, I am , too!Gail, was a promonent figure, that I shunned! Although, I have learned, and am learning, the PRIZE, possessions, are worth thriving for!Even, ones' self!Life, isn't a joke! It's, a random chance, to make lucrid choices, and, then, live by them!Instead of, relapsing, my iniquities, I choose to, focus , forward! My book, for the moment, is DONE!

-I. am dealing with me own infimaties!Now! I, have Hepatitis "C," and then some! I , am deleating , and as I do, I become stronger and cuter! WHY?- BECAUSE, I refuse to die reasonably!I've , had, the Hep"C," for a long while! I, wasn't ready for what came next! Ya wanna play? Play THIS- CANCER! Yeah!- I was, an UNbreakable comb! Now, They wish to remove my innards! I, wish they would!I'm sick, and fucking tired, of taking this , saga, out on my friends and family, my hair------falls OUT!My innards , ACHE, and I bleed like a stuck pig!POOR PIGGY!--YET, it IS my destiny, to deal with the world, like a normal individual.All, SHALL be well! And, when it IS my turn to cash in, I , WILL go "out," with more dignity, than many can muster! I, WILL, leave , behind , plants that will flourish, and ALL , that I've collected, WILL be passed ON, to my kin!I, HAD, a whench named Marilynn, that "said,"she was my Mother, BUT- she wouldn't leave a prayer/ for anyone!Her husband, "Charles,"stayed by my side, through ALL that he knew, he helped, at one time, to create!Yet, I BEG, of you--- it's NOT the money or the stuff!!!!!! It, IS, the love, and the dedication! AND- IF, it wasn't, do NOT despaire! One can round ANYTHING- to , where, it fits! You------are NOT, an idiot!Nor, are you an imbosile!You are a human being, that is FULL, of promise and potential, the BUCK, does NOT stop here, one MUST arrive at their designation! Wanna know something? I REALLY, don't need to tell "U" anything , you haven't felt, ALL, BY YOURSELF! I, wouldn't let them take me down, so why should YOU?!

            Marilynn, said- that "anyONE I touched/loved, I kill!"and I believed her!BUT- that was HER story, NOT mine!I, paralized my son! BUT-, he walks through life with a Much better attitude, than I , could compose!'he,' "IS," paralized, but he provides , SUCH hope of forwardness, even we, that can walk, would take a NEW look at!Remember "Elton?" HE, is Zaks Daddy!!"I," Am, his Mother!And , I will be , forever!I, would carry that BOY, Around the world, on me back, "IF," that was what he wished!i , SERVED3, to 6, in "Muncy , State Penn,for , I WAS, the person, whom paralized him!He, was six months of age, and I carted him to a kabash!NEED, I say more?At, THAT time of my life, I "Thought," I had IT, going on!AND- I, wonder, why Elton, won't write back?! What the fuck, would I do, if , a person, outside the gates, kept bothering ME?!I, was ,  secure, and NOT, a threat! BUT- now that I am freedom bound, I, am a supposid threat!?-------------Flying Eyeballs!I'm the BEST thing, that EVER, happened to you and your person!YET-no matter what, you will NOT respond!SO!- I take flight, all by my lonesome!'Tis cool, for I AM , me and , if I don;t let you IN!-- you ain't , goin' NOwhere!FUCK- THAT, is what attracted you"Yer tellin', with me, in the FIRST place, THAT you just can't hide. "I hear the secrets that you keep, when you're talkin' in your sleep, that you just CAN'T keep!"....."Hold me, now!"------Asta Levista!


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shalalamenow said...

wow! Your going through so much, and still you hold your head up high. Your a strong woman and I admire that. Keep your head up!