Thursday, April 13, 2006


i AM AFFRAID, that I have led you beautiful people, to fell, I'm cryin' da blues? Bless your care:). "What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger." Or- so I'm trying to believe:). Peoples, I'm o.k., But, here come the dandy part. I speak , bruitaly honest, and the trials and tribulations, I, indeed, weathered, but the cool part, is, for some wildly , sensational reason, I keep pluggin' forward. HEY- "WHAT CHA GONNA DO?" fold? Tee hee:).  "IF," you find that stong?! I wish everyone wouls explain to me, 'cause, I have a WHOPPER of a time, being able to see it?!I guess, I'm my WORST critic. I'm a dreaming Faerie, and I WILL , continue to landscape, plant veggies, and say "HI THERE," to purfect strangers, EVERY chance I get:). You should see me, whilst I walk with me walk-man , on----OHMIGOODNESS, it IS a riot. Especially, when , on this one station, they provide the 5 o'clock funnies! I bust out , laughing and commenting, and enjoying the moment. I've witnessed, sum-, take their new place, accross the street. Nope, I'm playing with most of the marbles, God gave me! I , simply, escape, properly, for a sec or two!There ARE , those , whom can't stand, that I am able to do that, on PURE air!9x, outta 10, one requires a substance, in which  for that to take place.WOW!, some get QUITE perturbed:). It just makes it MORE fun:). For those, whom have the kindness, to acknowledge me, THANKYOU, SO!

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