Friday, March 28, 2008

It's just ME!

Please, allow me to schpeal!  From time to time, No matter what I do RIGHT, I , somehow feel I'm going , backwards.

             Ya'll KNOW- I was a definate skrew up, fer a lot of Years! Well, I've NOT become LESS odd! I just do it on PURE air! I , gotta be ME!

         Ryans Mommie, called , 'Children and Youth,' on me! They, are scheduled to Grace our Home, on Monday, between 3:30 and 4ish. THE, kewl THING, "IS," I have NOTHING to hide! I'm 44 years old, raising TWO, Beautiful Children, on me own.  MY BAD- OTHERS H-E-L-P!

                I got a craw in me Head! I, decided , today, to GO to "Burger King," to bless MY Children , with a S-H-A-K-E.  Ryan, works there. WE, conducted , ourselves, as Christian people. He was cordial. AND- I got to speak with those , whom I USED to WORK with. I left there, on SOLID ground, we coincided , Wonderfully.

           Megan, took a Field Trip, TODAY. She and her Classmates, got to go to the Circus! PEOPLES- lemme tell Ya, they Raked in the fun! My Husband, was the ONE, whom laced her with finances, in which to BUY stuff!! He STOOD by HER!  Despite the REALITY, that he is Fading into AIR!:(

           WISH, to KNOW- something?! I, spent MUCH of my latter Years, Castorating my past circumstances.  It has NOTHING to DO with what was! The SHIT,  canNOT excell one.  THE, Only thing it can do, is BURRY the poor slob! I, ALLOWED it to DO, Exactly THAT!

               It's A-L-L, on how you VIEW it! This , 'POOR ME,' CRAP, doesn't mean PLOP! Get over it! I BEG OF YOU! There is SOOOOOOOOOooo MUCH more, that you have to offer!

              When we went to 'Burger King,' for the shakes, RYAN, was working. He, conducted himself, Properly. He , EVEN smiled amd connected with our eyes!!  I, PRAY for him! His UPbringing, was , at the LEAST, ODD! His Mommie is , what she is. VODKA, nibbled up her mind:(. She's , sumwhat sober, at the moment. She eats VICODINE, like it's going outta STYLE??! BUT- 'tis NOT my buisness. I, WISH- I could have a pain reducer ! I , haven't a Dr.! I, can't afford one. MY, body is made of metal, and bone, with a soul, that BEATS like a Purple Rain.

           There ARE days, I canNOT move:(.  THAT- "IS," where JESUS comes in. She attempted to KILL me, AND my Children. WE STAND TALL. Due to my Physical conflict, I CONDUCTED a SOUND , OVERhaul, of Our House, and 'Children and Youth, 'can ONCE AGAIN, S-E-E, that we ARE doing the Best that We CAN!

           Lynda Rivera, requires to look at The WHOLE picture, afore she attempts to USE and ABUSE! Her Son, conducted himself, like a Person. Perhaps, she should , as well??!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

LIFE, IS a tripp!

At 44 years of age, I am STILL , able to become mezmirised!

            Today, I bought stuff for the house, AND ME!  Yeah- I even got some 'dye' for me roots:) {spining, laughing head!}

              Tha kitties are sound and equipped. There is ENOUGH food/nibbles, untill the stamps arrive:):). AND, my OLDEST Daughter, is , at THIS moment, composing a tale on paper, that, {from what she has shared and written, so far} ROCKS!  They SAY, the accorn, doesn't fall TOO far from the tree?! What a DElight, as I observe her pumpin' it out! She EVEN cut OFF the Television! {my suggestion} However, she did NOT hesitate. She , has JUST brought in the finished persona!  Her name, signed at the bottom, was a Double of the way 'I' would have characterized my letters??!!! This shit is begining to tripp me OUT! I am NOT sure if I am doing Properly, or- if i am cascading her into MY domaine of ''oddness?'' What to do, what to do.

            "I," am a character! Yeah, so friggin' WHAT, that I quit drugs & stuff. I'm STILL M-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm an altercated LUNATIC, with a HUGE Heart and a mind , 'I' canNOT figure out. SOOOOoooo, AM I doing the best for these Girls?!

            In order, to assist another, and to earn $$, I have left MANY people, to , periodically stay at my /OUR House. To be Quite Honest, it was more Head-ache, than neccessary!  The LAST , was a Dude. He was an Exceptionally gifted / Beautiful one , of age 23. 

        If you will REcall, I spent FOUR, agonizing months, in the slammer, meself! THIS- is where I met his mother. Therefore, she called to ask me, whether or not, I could house him for THREE WEEKS?!! He is on House Arrest. Therfore, a box was included, and I, was SUDDENLY, restricted to 14 min. phone calls! IF- I went over, it was Quite noisey , on EACH of the sender/recipients EARS!

         NOW, this young man, has a mind, like a STEELE TRAP! From what I can gather, his B-A-D, was obtaining a stolen Computer from some other person. From what I gathered, he spoke to the Police, and stated it's 'HOTNESS'! They ASKED him to give the name of the seller, and he refused to state!

           IF- anyone, knows THIS game... Ya don't SAY Diddly! Therefore, he was incarcerated. SOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo, I accepted the housing Detail. Whence, he FIRST, Arrived, he was properly elloquent. I jacked him up, when I found , that he located work at , 'Burger King.' {{I used to work THERE}} To be VERY Honest, I am NOT, at ALL, surprised, that he is STILL doing fabulous!

          B-U-T, then came the happenings. TAX returns, came hither. I provided the bills, Bodaceously. I had an Xtra $100. He spoke and said, he had a friend, whom could Shampoo, our rugs, for that cost! I, presented him with the money. FOUR AND A HALF WEEKS, went by, and I sounded my DISpleasure. PLEASE, allow me to have me $$ BACK, and I, shall go to 'Price Chopper,' and Shampoo on me own! "can't do that, Tony has the $$, and I can't locate him!"

            I left it go fer a sec. T-H-E-N- he was rough housing with my Children, and , MEGAN, whom is my MIRACLE Child, gone through "7" brain surgeries, and has a 'SHUNT!' He S-T-E-P-P-E-D on her HEAD, and then sat on her! She , ran SCREAMING, to me, Hysterical, and there were witnesses! He saaaaaaaaaid, he did NOT! BUTT!

           I gave him the chance to,,,NOPE!

   The Crowning , WAS- since I've been doing his laundry/opened my house to him / ASKING HIM, Please, do NOT leave the T.V., o-n ALL night, and NOTHING was digested, upon Easter Sunday , approaching, I chose to END his stay! I called the proper regimines.

The F-U-C-K, if my babes and I , were gonna git stuck with his aarogant ass, all weekend! I, didn't give a poop, whether his arms were bigger than me legs! SOOOOooooo, I called it. NEXT THING- his Mama, calls , SCREAMING this, that and the Other thing at me. I hung up!

              Make a tale , shorter, he came to obtain his property. ALL- was washed and dryed. Nicely placed in CLEAN bags, and placed in the yard. I locked the doors, and went to obtain my Children, from The Y.M.C.A.! After, we arrived home, doors STILL locked, he bangs, and says, "I need to git my BOX!" I allowed him in, and, after he claimed his 'House Arrest Box,' he began to state HORRIBLE statements toward me. "What did you do to your Son?" "The reason you can't git a man or Freinds, is because your fat and Ya have no teeth!" "I'm calling Child Services , because Yer a drunken junkie!!"   FOR THE FIRST TIME-I kept my mouth shut, and Closed the door.

         He has Sensitive skin. Due to THIS- he requires a $14.00 RAZOR, that vibrates, in which to shave with. I , bought him 1! He , required socks, I got some!

            N-O-W, YES, I drink beer at home, periodically. I haven't shot ANYthing into my VEINS, in YEARS!, and if ANYONE, wishes to test me, they shall obtain 'Aquafina!'

            T-E-S-T Me! THINK , I will pay 4 it? N-O-T!   What he and his cockeyed Mom, refuse to UNDERSTAND, is- I have more consequential back up, to my mechanism / LIFE, than they , could EVEN ponder! Dunmore isn't a JOKE! For REAL, fer real, 'I' was the JOKE , to have tried to assist! Because, I am NOT rich, BIG deal.

           The Beautiful Thing IS... WE- Are a Church Family, and , simply  THAT! My Husband, canNOT , even tear me down. THAT, is why he can't stand me:) I used to be a fool Junkie! I, said NO! and I stayed that way. So- Ryan, Lynda, sorry I couldn't help more. PEACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. It's NOT my fault.

Monday, March 24, 2008

It's been a while:(

          Ya miss me? I, missed YOU!  THIS, is the day after, Easter! I have a tale to tell.  Hope you can absorbe it. { Actually, it gives me Goose Flesh.}

         I have a Friend, named, 'Anna Young.' She, once told me a tale, of when she had EVERYTHING, a carton of cigs/food in the fridge/ ETC>! However, her Child, wished for something, than she had homadge to suffice. She looked toward THE LORD, and asked, {why?} HE, responded, ""you have all you NEED, I , shall, Covet you with what ALL you NEED!" She , then, UNDERSTOOD! AND- properly shared the Message, with [me.]

        She didn't HEAR, HIM, then- but she figured it out, a few Years , forward. {{and so do i}}

            Ya wanna know something?!! THIS- is MY truth! I, am as human as any ONE of US! NONE of US- are perfection! We seem to SEARCH, like the Dickens?!! What the pluck ARE we searching for?

             THIS, Easter, my Children and I, nibbled the Blessings UP! I was a goof, fer a sec. I THOUGHT, the 'cookbook,' said our Ham, only required a cook time , of 13-19 mins.! BALDERDASH!   It, { due to Aunt Pats, REAL book}, required to let simmer for 3 1/2 HOURS! THIS- was Fortunate! The 'Taters,' weren't done, YET, sooooooooo, we nibbled Salad/pasta/and FRESH,HOT, Crescent rolls, UNtill the rest of the entourage, Came into play:)-

              The Children, are, -at this time- PLAYING with their Friends, at , The Y.M.C.A.! During our cantor of Easter diggins' , we ALL , forgot, The Y.M.C.A., was to come into play, TODAY! AS GOD AS MY WITNESS,I've NEVER- seen them dress/make Lunches, and Scoot- THAT fast , as I did , Today!!  didn't THINK , they had it in 'em!! I-  -  - was WRONG! JUST, goes to show a person, "where there's a WILL, there's a WAY!" Tripp OUT!

          I have a SOUND, amount of RE-distrubution, to attaine to OUR HOUSE!  I wish to be able to ASK , your forgiveness, that I haven't been, MORE dilligent in my personal studies. I got UP, in me Head, and , forgot , HOW to git OUT!.../.sorry!

                 Point BEING- you have my ULTIMATE PERMISSION, to pray for me/They, ANY time~ I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!  At least, fer Daaaa Moment.

        With A-L-L, DUE, respect, cool if Da POOP comes out , kindly, from me Bathroom Reader!  PEACEEEEEE!...      OH!- P.S., still horney and Dudeless!  TTYL...

                                                          P.S.S. Me friend , accross the Street- she has an OLD Puppster! Her NAME, is 'Sylvia.' we call her "Silly,"! {Yeppers! it's another Easter Blessing!!}  A glass, was broken in Their home. As they cleaned up, NO one, checked 'Sillies ,' FOOD dish!  "Silly," nibbled up a Healthy Shard!  SHE- was , this , to sat The LEAST, aiming for a detrimental demise!~ NO ONE- knew that the shard, landed!!!!!!!!!!   SOooooo, yesterday, was infectuously damned.

                                        Guess WHAT?!  TODAY- "Silvia," passed the shard, and SANG , me love song, as I visited HER! In a couple of days, I SHALL, take , the MAGIC , doggie brush, and fix her up, like NObodies Buisness! She-is The Syl! AND- i AM, Honored to have known HER! AND- thanks BE-to JESUS, she, I CONTINUE, to! Takes a BODACEOUS PUP, in which to nibble a Shard of GLASS, take a day to feel like shit, and come back-SHINING! THIS!!!!!!!!, Should be a resolution to ALL of us!- SHURE- shit gets TOUGH!  However, ALL of us, CAN elevate, to the Promise of continuance! It's, {to me,} kinda- sorta, a LOT, like, "Forrest Gump!" ""Life gives Ya , a box of Chocolates, Ya NEVER KNOW- what Yer gonna GET!""

                  i WAS- a junkie, drug addict! MY, SOULFULL purpous, was , ESPECCIALLY, on Friday Night- 'THIS- is MY time to go to the bar/ ETC.!" I'm STILL , not TOO bad lookin', AND, I have BETTER THINGS, to do with my BODY / TIME! """I""" , have a RIGHT, to orchestrate COOKOUTS! I, have a RIGHT- to git silly with Me Babes! I, have The RIGHT, to acknowledge, that , "Lifes' a tripp!" Best I can tell Ya- 'Git -R-Done!' ""Larry The Cable Guy.""

            At the moment, I am on the PHONE, with me Neighbor, JEN! It, would appear, that I, AM, invited, to JOIN, Jen and SOUND , Musical Cherubs, that WILL be performing , at a SOUND , neighborhood PUB- and "I," have BEEN invited:)-!  I, INTEND, to CONDUCT, myself, in the Joyous, and Proper composieure, as i AM, built to DO! THIS- is NOT a Joke! Allow me to ask a question! WOULD you , permitt , yourself, to build a Masterpiece, only to find , YOUR MASTERPICE would fail?!? I, HAVE done WELL- at my betterment. THIS, will allow me to GO- and , attaine my ACHE, to REvisit to my younger Escapades:)- For , ONE evening, I SHALL be worthy of 'Kicking up Me heals!'

           I, SHALL conduct myself, in a reputable manor! W-H-Y,,,?, BECAUSE , I AM , Wortrh it!

               TTYL... PEACE Be Untoo....  I'm sik and plucking tired, to HAVE to Hear, anothers repreave. I, am NOT stupid! I have a pulse, and I have a HEART, that beats WILD, as a Fearies Wings in Flight!