Sunday, April 23, 2006

I'm, somewhat confused?!

I'm just a goof! However, I did, lay into Alan, with premiere honesty! He RAN! I spent my efforts, in dispelling my thoughts, with a whole lot of TACT! He ran. I am married to him. He resided in my bed, last night, and when I went to grasp him, he shot me down?! So-----I questioned him, about this . "What?" "Why?" you USED 2 dig me, and if you don't, today, WHY? Well, talk about a shoot down, he's decided to address men.I knew, it was in him.But, darn, what a fact to swallow[nopunintended.]

            I decided to change the subject, and to appeal to his heart?! What about the children? Granted, they were borne from, what I THOUGHT, was love. It WAS! However, he can't become aroused by me , any longer. It's too much of a hassle?! Granted, I'm no Pam Anderson, but my artistic creativity, and my eyes/ass, can pronounce the proudest monkey! Weird part of it, is, I would adore to find a woman, whom I could bathe in Rose petals, nightly, and then give her a manicure.Life's a tripp!

         He has wrestled with this for YEARS! I am becoming, painstakingly aware, that reality has nipped him in the bud!How do I handle this? Granted, I was disgusted with his theatrics, and wished to slam him! Yet, NOW, I'm wondering , if it was more , due to my whackiness, that pushed him over the regal edge?! I'm NOT, in the mood to come face to face, with reality, that I coaxed my husband into an alter! How fickle is this? I , prefer women, rather than men, BUT---------she has to be special! I've tested the waters. but NONE, floated! I wish to find a friend/companion, that I can float with! Male, OR, female?! Alls' I wish , is a friend!

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