Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So, I'm told NOT to place my expectations...

There comes a time, when all looks so darn bleak!YET- one MUST stand up and realise, that we silly humans, whom depend on mere mortals, for dependance, REALLY need to REfocus, on whom holds the cards! As my hair falls out and my heart breaks, there is, ONE, whom can fix me! I, simply forget, too often, that "HE," has a plan for me, and it doesn't include another human, to make it come true! People, this one's on ME! O.K., so I don;t have another to cuddle and watch GREAT movies with! So, I don't have the sound neck to wrap me arms around! Bottom line, IS, what am I gonna do, NOW?! Pick meself UP, by the bootstraps, and progress! For goodness sakes, I'm OUT of diapers! So, woman, get a handle on it, and do something!"IF," there is a companion on the horrizon, they will appear! At least I have a GRATEFUL Teddy!That's BEAR! And, what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger!The Cars, are playing, now. And I have responsibilities to conquer! I need to get off of my verbal release, and get busy!BEST, that I turn my turmoil into productivity! Peace Out!

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