Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm not quite sure:).

I'm off the wall:). I have two therapists, ministering to my children, and I'm thrown to my room, listening to "Wooley Bully," whilst typing my heiney off:). I'm not even sure why/what I wish to convey?! So what?! It's mental excercise for me. Earlier, this day, Rising, that's Jim, from The mountain, 102.3 F.M., played a most profound set of an hours worth of tunage, slapping my ass , right back into the direction I need NOT to stray from:). I took the opportunity to write him a Willow note of Thanx and praise, and he had the amasing desire to send me a Thank You:). He rarely does that, he's a busy man, leading a very cool existance! However, I read/recall , what I wrote , and it made , even ME, laugh out loud, LOL! The therapists, looked in on ME, and in wonderment, shook their heads! I get a lot of that, in my life:). YEP!, I'm part freakazoid!

        I apologise, but me daughter needs the phone, and I go thru the phone line:). I'll be back...........there, you've been warned:).

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