Friday, April 7, 2006

I, believe, it's about time...

Let US, get back to the scenario, at hand?! I, believe I covered a WHOLE lotta ground, of my existance. So- WHERE was I? Oh-YES, in gosh ,darn INdeedie! You have joined me through a bit of Prison time, and allow me to introduce you to , the next saga, of the WAY OUT! I HOPE, you , all, don't seriously know---what cums after Prison! No Doubt, it's interresting!-BUT- it AIN'T the end!!!!!!!!! THIS- is WHERE, one gets the gumption, to REevaluate, and , THEN, move forward!   Have you , ever, heard of, "Forest Gump?"  Now, this is ,a, supposid individual, whom ONLY sees, THINGS, in a rarely , simple measure! How DEvine, if more people, were to view thangs, that way! I, guarantee U this! A, WHOLE lot more persons, wouldn't require "ProZacK." I, have found, WAY, too many, feel, that a simple pill, can REconstruct????! "BALDERDASH!""if,"someone, has "medical coverage," one can Git Fixed? PLEASE, gimme a REAL break! I, actualy, know of , quite a few, whom believed it! Most of 'em are DEAD, now.

                   My cat, wishes to , say, HEY!Talk about a loyal companion! Too, bad, humans, didn't realize, what desires they could harvest!OH!, somebody swat me, I am rambling! YES!-leme go back to the instigator, of the script!  I, was Finally , released from Prison, and I Arrived HOME???????! Ain't , that sweet.ONLY- to arrive with an attitude, to exume ANYTHING , in front of my SELF destruction! I got set down in, Scranton, Pa., and I went KERFLOOBIE! I , did this and that, and THEN, I met Alan.Here, was an individual, whom was as-OR more warped than me, BUT- he was better at presenting it! TALK About, BELIEVEABLE? He, could talk someone , into going ---------------somewhere, they REALLY, did NOT wish to go. and have them , JOYFULLY, wave Adios', as, they departed! Yeah. I THOUGHT, I knew it ALL! UNTILL!

Ya know-, ALL this, inescapeable Honesty, has got me , tired!Besides, "I," have to go get the babes! Yeah, I'm , walking. The, insurance, is A Lot, LESS expensive! As, I have , found! A.O.L.,- in, comparrison, to, "Call Alert," is, excrushiatingly different! It makes, a person, cringe, as, ONE, finds out, the fountainable difference, that, SOME, seem to find, O/K/?! I have a vallid question! Are there ANY, out there, that aren't THAT concerned, with the dollar signs, of EVERYthing?! Are, everything that, rings up to, how MANY dollars, it arrives at, find THAT, 2 be THE ultimate faction of , their organism??????????? UNfortunately, I didn't think so!THE- Almighty Dollar, doesn't EVEN squeal, whence, pleasured!!!! and THAT, is the TRUTH!----NO!- YOU, R NOT odd!!!! From what I am finding, TRUTH, IS, an abdomen crusher!Allow me, 2 set me straight! YES!, I am , one peeved individual! Fact of the matter, IS- I, do NOT feel, ANYthing I have stated, has got your innards, in, THAT, much, of a binch! SKREW- IF, you&i, can escape this indescribable episode of horrid honesty, --"Get Off The Cross, SOMEone, else, needs the wood!"  Oh, YESSsssss, I can see, YOU, clearly, saying, "What a pathetic Bitch!" "Who's the bitch?" "IF," you've NOT , a spine, THEN, disperse from my sight! BUT- before, we get REAL/real, take a look, DEEP inside, and don't LIE to yourself! It gives you more acne, than you can handle! TRUST ME---Been there/DONE Weasles! NOW!-what cha gonna do, now?

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