Thursday, April 13, 2006

Well, then, there it is!

How???????? Does , one, reilinquish, the opposite, that , helped, create, SUCH magnitude?! "Vasoline!" And, a WHOLE lot of , so it is said, confidentuality! YEP,! I get to FALL, into, into my self absolvtion!"Led Zeppelin," is seradading me , at this moment! "Lady, you got the love "I" need?" I, beg, to differ!Mother Pluck- I have a pulse and a sense of creativity, that would floor you, ALL! IF- I were to find THAT someone, special, I feel, they wouldn't recon, what exactly to do with me!

         I, am told, I should knock off the dark lipstick? SCREW!, it goes with my freckles!BESIDES, "I," dig it! WHY?!, does so many, wish to, disassemble me?I'd L-O-V-E, to meet , THE person, whom could!Then, I'd , prat for their resiliance! I, CAN, be , a pestersome one! Heaven, I just about , piss everyone off! And, WHY? Are, they -THAT frightened?not me problem!                                Fact of the matter, IS- I'm finding, that, TOO, many, haven't a spine, so, they abuse MINE! The , weird part of it, IS, I don't even recognise , MINE! Ya'll, think , I'm stong woman? Gimme a break! I'm, more breakable, than , you've given , your right to acknowledge! I'm, just a Willow-------at times, I break! And, when I do, I-GO, KERPHLUBIE! I, am QUITE fortunate, that, there are more than "ONE," whom, stand beside me! I, have READ, in "The UPPER Room,! that -what one gives out, comes back, TEN fold! Peast de' leur' resistance', IT IS TRUE! NO, preaching, just a bit of know why! GO, ahead, deal with your own , story! And, then, print it to me! -&-Succeed! Peace Be Unto...

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