Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A bunch of thoughts-

Thought I'd take a moment , or two, to just tickle the keys with my brain:). Yeah!- a lot of my past, was wacky! Yet, as I straighten out, and try VERY hard, without drugs, perhaps I am a BIT , more concious of what is happening in the world. Allow me to give you, two examples. Are you aware of the saga , of a certain, 11 mo. old cat, named, "Molly?"For two weeks, she was caught betwixed two ancient buildings, meowing the whole time, without food, water, touch!There, THEN, came the day, when she was rescued:). The internet, provided a site, in which to post notes about it.SOME, of the responses, FLOORED me!ONE, person, posted their thought and humor , that "THEY hate ALL cats, and would find delight, in burying the animals, up to their necks in the sand, while running their heads over with a lawn mower?" "Give it a try, it's FUN!"   W-H-A-T?       The next example, would be the FANTSTIC laughs and time, in which , my best friend and I took part in a Spades game, ONline, @8ish, on a Saturday night. Others ----joined our game, YET, when we lost a game[   bigdeal  ]  took our heads off, stating, "IF, there was LESS talking, you might give the game a chance to be WON!"   First of all----------IT'S A GAME! Second, games, are supposed to be FUN!, and last, BUT NOT LEAST- The pickers of fly poop, outta pepper- it's Saturday night! If a GAME, is what you are SO obsessed with on a Saturday Night, who should get a life?????????? In-flippin' credible!   Granted- the worlds traumas are WAY more magnanomous, than a Cat and a game, but these things, issued me to percieve the desperation of TOO many, STRIVING to escape the REAL issues. This is just what I think, IF, anyone cares.  The thing that blasts me, is, I am doing my SOUND best, to creep outta my mire, and, 4 real, fer REAL, I had quite a bit of CREEPING, to do. big deal- BUT, I'm, at times, wondering, is the creep worth me effort?Did you EVER feel, like too many others, keep attempting , to land you BACK , seven spaces?SO---------WHY, do we continue to progress?  NOPE, I do NOT intend to cease!!

      This line of thought, brings my attention, to, at this one aspect of my earlier life, I was happily included, in the ventures , with a band, called"The Back Doors."I was dating the drummer, "Jeff Strony," and I was a wanna-be roadie.We traveled all over the U-of S, for six months:). I had NEVER, experienced a niftier time !Well- except for my time spent in Europe. BUT- here was a gaggle of people, meeting new people/neww places, daily, and we had NOTHING to groan about, 'cept, "JimHaikems," UNnatural , BURMING desire, To EAT!-Everywhere!!!!!!!!!I , had NO idea, what global upset , WAS?!A man , named Tony Russek, was the Lead guitarist-[GOD, rest his soul.}I saw THE wildest things and , actually learned from them?! Jim, would send some of us roadies, out into tha audience, in order to acclaime the whench he wished to, 1st, make shower, wash her mouth with soap, and then H-A-V-E! See, back in that day, all the RAGE, was to dance and perform!FUN-------was the prime , focal point!We were traveling , with another band , called"RE-Creedence Revival", well- I think it was just, "The REvival."Still, we had FUN! What, happened to FUN?

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