Sunday, April 23, 2006

Children of the sun

It continues to amaze me. Life throws me some dandy curves:), "Wooley-Bully," I told you, the beat goes on:). Alan stayed the night, last night. We slept in the same bed, and as I grasped his buttocks, he strongly told me to knock it off! Here I am, trying to envelope, all that is kind and sweet.........and he , REALLY, is, THE most miserable man that hit the planet?! Even my friend , Lynda, says his face/facial expressions, remind her of one, whom got his pecker stuck in a toaster?! I , completely realise , dude had a warped childhood, but -----Get off the cross, some one requires the wood. Don't allow me to fool Ya, "MY," childhood was a cowpie, but , "Get Over It."AIGHT," I feel his distress, at facing jail time, AGAIN, Yep, it blows, but each and every time, I crumble in my pathetic , AWE, it's all 4 nothing!He DOESN'T learn! This, is what he's good at?! He seems to glorify the fact, that , when he goes IN, he'll simply pick up , where he left off. He'll be , strut , RIGHT back into the position of "Cook 4 the Guards." He has accumulated that kinda recognition?! Darn shame, huh? HOW, can one be so confident, and acceptable, of such a regime as that?

         As I said , I an't no angel! BUT- at least I strive for another type of standard. I must depart, fer a sec, my daughter, requires a heating pad hook up.Her back is sore.         May God bless you, for allowing my thoughts to be heard:).

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