Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I've got work to do.

How was everyones' "Easter?" I can't be more pleased, with ours.Alan, actually acted semi-human?! Bottom/best thang----the girls had a good one:). When I was shorter than I am now, my parental units were to darn stuffed. Good Lord, I was not permited to break a sweat?! I , vowed, to NOT, be anything like them. [which all of you know, is quite impossible?!] We, ALL, latch on to some of their wretched qualities! However, periodicaly, I split the bananna, such as, as the warming weather is upon us, there is plentiful mudd, amid the yard:):):):). The other day, I allowed my damsels, to wreak haavock, in "The Mudd Pie Gallery!" Oh, contrare', I didn't miss the opportunity, to photo, this Blessed mess!I, can't WAIT, to share these candid photos, with their beua's later, down the path:).Wait untill I unleash the video tape-age, of their FIRST captured anticts! A mothers' delight!

          AHhh, The Mountain, is blessing me, with"Cat People," accross the airwaves, in order to serenade my application to "W. I .T. I .A. C.'s" That is short for my journals' title.Since the holiday is complete, I hope we all have found a new resoning/begining, and a brand , new set of EVEREADY, element, in which to fuel us FORWARD!      P.S., I mastered the ART, of composing "Chopped Chicken Livers:)"I am STILL enjoying them, with JOY! Peace Out, All-

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