Monday, April 10, 2006

Mondays', well...

Being a single , woman--------------I, AM completing ALL issues of responsibility requirements! GIVE me a Badge, I , even moused me hair , well- what's left of it!BUT- that's NOT  the management!Boys and girls, I shant lie to you! After I booted , Alan!, I took it ALL back! I went on a ramage like no other! THIS- was my turn to get back , to what I am USED to! In , order to accomplise the girls, I CHOSE-NOT, to leave the house! When, I placed them to bed, -"it was MY time!"I, flippin' , earned IT?! So------I began, being introduced , to "CRACK!" THIS, was dandy! I hadn't any scars, and IT, allowed me to ESCAPE?! FACT of the matter, WAS[and always , shall be,] you can be sleeping with a professional ADONIS- but one , can't feel great!It's just NOT going to happen!Witch, made me more determined , to say NO! YEP!- I had , one of THE , MOST best , clients, twice a month, that, U could shake a stick at!!!!!!!!WHEN- I subsided, I ran into the dealers, periodicaly, and they were wondering, where I had gone?!    "I HAVE a life, these days! I, hope ,you , find one!",was my resonse! AND, I will justify , for the escape from reality, is NON-Existant!!!!NO, matter, HOW, I got whalloppped, I- ---succeeded! -----------Can You? You, Would kvell ,to EVEN, hang out in me flat! "Was it easy?" need I say more?BUT- the COOL , part, "IS," we , all have a chance."To, DANCE!"After, AND, during , my childs mega-surgeries!, "I," was , THE one, whom sustained her! NOPE!, I, simply loved her, enough, to , where, I CHOSE, Not, to leave! As, at , this moment, when, every time she goes into a surgery, THIS BITCH/,IS there!I, have experamented, with TOO , many , mood alterators! BUT- I," can ",stand , firmer, than MOST, others , whom I know! My, injectiles scars, are gone! They, Will NOT- return! Screwey part IS, I, at one time, was devistated, EVEN, by the , mere THOUGHT, of a "piercing!" STRANGE thing, IS- I delved into a world of, SHEER madness, JUST- to KILL, the pain??! Lately, I've run INTO, a few of THOSE providers, from time to time, and they SLAY me, tellin' me, "YOU-WERE, ONE of, my best customers!"--------------"I---- grew UP!" is all I HAVE to say!"and I delight, in the facial signitides, of the people, whom , THOUGHT, they had me , under their CONTrOL![here come Alan]NOT, today!

       just, IN case , you were , wondering?!- I'm VERY , short! BUT-, I've got a proudness, that would ISSUE YOU, licenence to stammer!I am NOT at the , level, to, where I have ability, to share a photo, but, perhapse, next week!

                    This book, IS NOT, 4 you, UNless, U apply it , to yourself! It's MINE, and I Hope, you can apply it, to YOUR-decisions!I, AM, sill, appliying it to my sense of realisation! CAN, you, adopt, the SAME?

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