Thursday, March 1, 2007

WoW!- Did I begin, today, as a Brat!

I, well, Ashley, placed curlers in me head, last night. If I didn't mention, I had my hair down to me butt. 'Cept, it was falling out, ALL, over the place, so, I cut it ALL off- and gave it to the Cancer victims.

         Well, I Guess, since I am leading a better life,  {  'cept for my eating  }, It's, once again, gittin' toward me mid-back.  Yet- I began , today, AFTER the children went to school, - Acting like a spoiled B.I.! I planned, to release me curls, and paint the war type make-up, and strutt, proud and annoyed!

                That WAS, me plan. Instead, I took GREAT strides, to pose myself, BEAUtiful, and gentle. Due to my alter Efforts, I had a pretty DARNED GREAT day! I spoke kindly , to others, and stuffed my ridiculous attitude in bag that won't be opened , today.

              Part of my desires, to be a PUTZ- is, money! Still, there are a WHOLE lotta other issues, that prompt me in this silly direction. PLEASE- allow me to be MORE direct. I, piss and moan, over the silliest of traumas, whilst, others are ridled with traumas, WAY, more substantial , than my , MERE sagas!

                As I was in a store, a wrilly man , that MOST, would run from...toook it upon himself, to come to me, and tell me , I was BEAUTiful??!!! I, simply, and with sincere grace, said, "So ARE you!" I, also, took the time to thank him.

                   THE LORD, has blessed me, SO- and, it's MY turn, to acknowledge THE gifts! Any sodd, can piss and moan!! It's the ones, whom have BETTER things to do with their time, to RISE above that UNneccessarity.               "Just remember, I Love You, and it'll BE, alright!"

                 I, WISH, to share a story, a DEAR Friend, sent to me. It- is called, "Shoes."

                  Now, granted, it IS a poem. However, I cannot recall it, well enough, to place it's intellect.          Here we go-

                   " As  I sat in the pew, at Church, a man sat next to me. I, noticed his foot, resting on mine, YET, I stayed quiet. As I observed his shoe, I noticed, it was tattered, and Holy. It annoted me, to have him rest upon mine. This , was CHURCH, for GODS' sake, can't he dress in a worshipfull manner??!

                 The service , began, and we shared THE LORDS prayer. I, gazed at him, watching as he , with such emotion in his eyes, recite it, AS IF he belonged. Yet- I remaned in my expected pose.

            At the end of the service, we , as always, reach out , toward another, to shake hands, in "WELCOME." I grasped his hand , and stated the usual words, - - - - YET, as I did, I took note of his face, and found him weeping. He began a berrage, of apologies, as he stated, " I beg your forgiveness, my shoes WERE shined, this morn, but , to get here, I had to walk so far, that they must LOOK a fright:(

                Still, I don't stop coming to worship, AND, I thank you, with ALL my heart and soul, for YOU, are THE first one , to EVER acknowledge me. THIS FACT, makes me feel WELCOMED! May my Holy shoes /soul, remain with your BEAUTiful ones:):) That way, we can connect, as HE wished us to, in THE first place. YOU, have enriched my life, as I PRAY, I did yours."

          OH!- kind soul, you have made me whole, TOO!


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