Thursday, March 15, 2007

There is ALWAYS, Hope.

 KissesThe life I live, NEVER, ceases to Amaze me! My sons' Daddy, ELTON, is , again, out of prison. He, is such a strong, Beautiful man, whom has more pains shoveled onto his existance, that, you could shake a stick at!.

          There, IS- something Magical, betwixed he and I. We , are Quite drawn, to one another, and , at THIS point, we are taking Magical steps, of the BETTER  kinds, in the way we are RE-joining!! People, we ARE , Friends, First. It, is quite unsettling, for, it appears, that, our son, is dieing. Zakkary, has BEAT the odds, and the doctors premonitions, 10 Fold!! However, it would appear, that his body, cannot endure the weight of existance, any longer:( His lungs, cannot fill, properly, and, GOD FORBID, Ya allow him to lay flat to sleep, would, only speed up the process, of his non-existance.

                Now, E.J, { Elton John S. } "could," throw it all in the garbage, and hook up, with some drugs. YET- he continues to choose NOT 2! As, do I!   Would this, help Zakary? Would this assist us? NO FUCKIN' WAY!!!!!!!! In MY opinion, we are taking , THE , Most courageous way.  No baby bumpers, allowed. Even though, it has been our LONG time Practice, of handling  a devistation of this sort, by becoming , Annialated. ANY, simple perp, can do that! It would appear, we, BOTH, have a different way of dealing with it, and -it's WAY more promising, than the alter route! Is it easy?   FUCK NO!! B-U-T, when we look into the mirror, the reflection, that SHINES back, is WAY, MORE appetizing, than , IF- we rode the wrong trolly.

            Peoples, I love Zakkary AND Elton! I, also, have come to be fond of Moi', TOO! Don't lemme fool Yas'. I, STILL, have a LONG ways to go. BUT- I'm trying me BEST! Looks to me, like it's paying off, GENEROUSLY.Peace Out...


SeekerHawk said...

I care I am Scott

SeekerHawk said...

My Concerns are for Zack !

I come forward to help !
Does it matter Carly lied to Elton and I No!
The boy is my concern !
PaPa smurf told me to look out for him ! lifes have changed.
Charles left us in 2006 .
I am ready to help Carl if you want.

SeekerHawk said...

Your Bloogging when you should be asking for help