Friday, March 16, 2007

Who's your Daddy?!!

My head, is killing me! I, spose, it goes, in synct, with me back! YEP!- I'm pertubed. I, cannot release , ELTON, from THE man!!

               I've BEEN , there! It stinks! Ya Gotta kiss ASS!E.J., is getting peeved at the groupes, they are JAMMIN;, down his throat!

                IT, is NOT- what CRAMS!!!!!  IT  IS- what one wishes!!!!!!!!!!! I, told him, Ya JUST gotta , :DO," what  the man says!" After, 'while, ONE gets to,  BREATHE!!It, only , lasts SO long!!!!!!!!!!!!!                      "RUSH." "If, I HAD ME TIME, aGAIN."                               sAY, WHAT YOU WISH. Situation, NO win! THESE, persons, are stickin'  it TO, him! B-U-T, he, skrewed UP, not them!!

         'Bout time he grew up! "GOT to get myself, right outta HERE!"THE, "DEAD," are playing! "All you , REALLY , NEED, is, GOOD love!"


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