Friday, March 9, 2007

OHMIYGOODNESS, I ,need a hug:)-

THIS- is , gonna be a LONG- - - - - weekend! The girls, are going to their Daddys' apt.! THE , funny thing , about this, IS- I, U-S-E-D, to BEG, for a chance to breathe/get a moment, by, meself. Yumpin' Yiminie, I, "SO," don't feel that way, these days!! Whilst, they are away, I become, an imbosilic NUT! N-O-P-E, I don't go whackie, as to get drunk/drug enduced!! I get, DISplaced, "WHY, is none calling, "Mommie?"

          Ya know, I'm a REAL piece of work! I, TOO, often, beg for sound solace. THEN- when I git it, I'm NOT sure how to handle it! Thank GOODNESS, I have a cat! However, he- gits displaced, as well!! He/me, don't know how to handle, when, the Babes' are away!!

           I'm a REAL twerp, FOR- I cleaned all/washed/ETC,! NOW- - I have nothing to play with:0 SO- , I spose, I should take a "Calgon." BALDERDASH!" NO-One, will be, interrupting my bathe.

           Ya KNOW- I could, actually, go OUT! Perhaps, shoot sum POOL. Yet- I wouldn't , exactly, know how to act!After, a while, of conduting, ones' self, as , they SHOULD- all the HYPE, goes out the window. WAZZUP, with THIS? I, made a LONG, Hard practice, of , upholding the Realm of ,"THIS, is MY time?!!" As, GOD, as my Witness, I can't figure out, why it was SO important?!!

                                     I, recieved a phone call, today, from the woman, whom, stated, allegedly, "I," was the GOD Mother, of her UNborn child. I, also, provided a setting for her, to git her feet on the ground. DUE, to UNpaid, court costs, she, 14 days ago, was REincarcerated. She, finally, called me, and , alledgedly, posed her dilemna. She states, that she has 1/2, of it. SLAP ME! I , provided the THOUGHT, that, "IF," she could pay me back, I'd put up, the $250.00????! She, declined, and said, her children, would come through. I, let it rest, as that. Thae REASON, I provided it, WAS- she gave the girls and me, all the monies, she, SHOULD have paid to the courts?!!

          YES, GAIL! "IF," you were here, You'd spank me! FEAR NOT-, I spanked, meself!! As well, AS, I gave her, not a cent. WHEN, associated of mine, "Ginger/Bobby," from the squad, arrived...THEN left, afterm looking for Lynda, said to me, "Car- are you EVER going to STOP helping, people?" "We, think not, Ya NUT!"  I, responded, "It's just my way, to find the GOOD , in others." "There IS, allways H-O-P-E!" They shook their heads, gave me a squeeze, and departed, to obtaine her, AWAY from my home.

         IF, Ya ask me, AS, I have the recognition, of the Police squad, on my side, and, since , I'm NOT bothering , them, OR- anyone else, I'm not doing so badly! In me Latter days, I had EVERYONE , Peeved at me! SO- There Ya go!

             Also, I'd , wish to say- - - - I, have a potraite, of My Dad, hanging, aside my bed, in me bedroom. I ,CHOOSE, to speak to him, a LOT! I, do not feel I shall be absolved, for doing so. I DO it, for, I had , not enough chances, to do it in person! My Daddy, would NOT pass ON... Untill, I arrived, by his side, for he KNEW- I'd have had an UTTER, melt down, IF- I had DISappointed us, again.SO- Thanks BE to GOD, I wasn't TOO selfish, enough, to MISS, this Blessed , LAST, opportunity! Therefore, I , choose, to take it to HEART.

              PLEASE, I wish to tell you, that, in my DADDYS' house, during my active addiction, to, NOTHING GOOD-, as he , allowed his room, to remain, UNlocked, I, robbed him. He, allowed this to go ON, for a spell, THEN, had NO other choice, BUT- to lock it down, LOCK/STOCK/BARREL! what would YOU, do??

             When, I, "when he could NOT help, any longer," landed in PRISON!- I , resided with a woman/criminal, whom weighed, @ 300 PLUS! TWICE, a month, we, Prisoners, were permitted, to aquire , what thwy referred to, as "Commissary," took the , liberty, to help herself! There, was NO way, I was gonna flatten her! SO- I LOCKED me stash, in The footlocker, MY Daddy, had provided! ONLY, to find, that , the insatiable appetited woman, BROKE INTO IT! ALL, I had saved, for , the month, WAS DEpleated. FORTUNATELY, she had a bladder problem, TOO! SO, as she released, upon me, and I called for the guards, she was RElocated!

                   Bottom LINE-, I called my Daddy, and, said I was SO sorry. He said, "WHY?" I, told him, "Because, when one feels, they are SAFE, Especcially, in ones' own realm, and they are stolen takes all the joy out of ones' HOME,  one EARNED and NURTURED!" Daddy, can you EVER forgive me?" "I, was on drugs, and I'd NEVER!"               "MOUSE- just get better!""I, will ALWAYS, love you.""You are my Daughter!"           "But, Daddy, I am such a jerk?!" I, said. PEOPLE, he NEVER gave up on me.THE COOLEST THING, "is," I have become, BETTER, A Lot, AND, have realised, that , there are a WHOLE BUNCH of us, that THINK, we got it goin' ON! FACT, of the matter, IS- in WHAT way, do we feel, needs , improvement??

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