Wednesday, February 28, 2007

You tell me:)

I, am doing my best, to keep me mind off, Elton. WELL, I'm losing!

         THE, Most interresting thing I am learning, is, something he spoke of, as he departed. "Let's just be friends."            What, could I do, to be a GOOD friend? " If you LOVE something, set it free. IF, it comes back to you, it IS yours! IF, it doesn't, it NEVER was."

                  Now, let's git REAL, here. We have had a REAL connection, for YEARS! Each, and EVERY time, he has come to seek me out. Well, skiddlydoo, doesn't THAT, speak volumes?!

          Yet, I am an addict! I wish to have what I want, AND, I wish to have it, N-O-W! Bologna, on that theory. I've been so lonely, and trying So hard, in MY opinion, "IT'S MY TURN!" I, wish to cuddle, nurture, get me feet set in a companionship!

        Peoples, lemme tell you, I , have a thing for the windows of the soul. Eltons' eyes, are mezmirizing! I , can SEE, the depth/pain/hope/solidarity. The simpltask, of begining my days, these days, begin with loving preparation, "JUST IN CASE," he, or someone , stops in. "IS- The House, proper?" "IS, my appearence, palatable?" "Have I secured my responsibilities?" "AM- i a GOOD person, whom takes CARE?"

           I deciphered his appearence. His nails, were WELL kept. His clothing, was considered and well orchestrated. His words...were WELL thought of, afore he spoke.- - - - - - -I, was irradict, and ALL , OVER the Universe:( My heart, beat so strong, I , could hardly contain it.FOR THE SECOND/ lest- FOURTH time!       "Stevie Nicks," is playing. I- - - - am crying. Gotta split, fer a few. TY-

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