Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's just me, sharing.

 Bobcat Mommy & BabyMy life, is astounding. The wild thing, IS, once Ya think Ya got it down- a whole bunch of OTHER stuff, pops up.

                   I, am doing me best , to stay OFF of the thoughts of "Elton." Yet, me mind keeps TRYING to include him. I, completely understand, he's succumb to a path, that is Quite a pain in the patella. It virtually sucks, when Ya HAVE to live, beneath the realm of the State. I've done it! Trust me on this one. However, since I have EARNED, the freedom, I, wish NOT to go there , again!!

           Fact of the matter, IS, all the power I THOUGHT I had, stems from, quite another place. It seems a Shame, that, this is what it takes, to make a person, wake the heaven UP! { The Girls are in tact with a bunch of TESTS. } In MY day, they were called , S.A.Ts. They have RE-named 'em. NOW- they are called, PSSAs', why, please do NOT ask me. I'm sick and fucking tired of everyone, changing up, withOUT, any notice!


                 This, is NOT my interject. YET, it IS!      "Trust Beyond Understanding."

                                 We know that ALL things, work TOGETHER. for the GOOD of those, whom love GOD.Who are called, according to HIS purpose.

             After a fight, my cat, Jupiter came home with a wounded paw.The vet, prescribed oral medication and an ointment to be applied to his paw, for a week. Jupiter , liked the ORAL stuff! BUT, each time I tried to apply the sav to his paw/wound, he would squeal, and RUN!As he ran, he would limp away. He could NOT comprehend that this painfull process would HELP heal his wound.EVEN , when I wished to pet him,he acted weary and distrustful.

                    Isn't this, how WE react, in painful situations? We question GODS' intensions for us, AND HIS plans.We forget that GOD has, ALWAYS had our BEST interrest in mind/heart/soul!HE- has taken Care of us.

                My Daddy, did his Best, to care for all he could SEE I required. Now- being a parent, , find , myself, being my Daddy. There ARE things, I Still, Must LEARN. The cool thing about it, is I am Trying! Sometimes, I get SO, fed up, I unleash words, that are harder than a sound PUNCH??! The COOL thing, IS, I am taking the time to, AFTER I count to TEN- Reach in, and, appologise. "I'm NOT purrrfect. I, goof up TOO!" "Can you forgive me?"                    So Far, they Have!  What I AM, realizing, is, that, smaller entities, ARE like SUPERballs. WISH, I could resemble one. We- git older, and LESS bouncie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                     GAIL- I'm STILL, sorry I caused such havock!! I, was, just so darned ANGRY, that I misplaced it.My parents didn't mean it, and neither did I! At least you found Your Stormie. Sharon was a PUTZ!Delores, was as bad.NOW- you have FOUND a Significant other!!And, no matter WHAT- you shall, have been fullfilled!!!!!!!!! Perhaps, one day, so shall , I.

                            "Friendship with GOD'

               THE LORD IS the friend of those, whom obey HIM And HE affirms HIS covenant with them.


                          Adam and Eve walked  with GOD, in THE Garden of Eden. How Wonderful  that Must have been-no sin.,no shame,NOTHING to separate them from GOD!  From THE very begining, we were DESIGNED for a relationship with OUR Creator.

                 David was called a man after GODS' heart {1 Samual.13 13:14 and Acts 13:22} BUT- because he successfully followed ALL the rules. FAR from it.STILL, as we know from the Psalms,David loved being with GOD, talking with GOD,worshiping GOD and Listening to GOD. David had learned as a young man that being a friend of GOD was a good thing.

                 GOD, is still extending that invitation to friendship, asking people to spend time with us.We accept GODS' invitation to friendship,TELL , of our loves and our fears.So- that we may embrace one another, In JESUS Name.


                         "DEAR GOD, Thank you for inviting our friendship. TEACH us to draw ner to You, Amen,"

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