Monday, March 5, 2007

Who knows?

There are times, when, I am ANGRY! This day, I AM! I am NOT angry with you! I, am angry, with ME!

         YOU, are NOT me! YOU, have not done, what I, have! AND- I hope, you never do! It REALLY sucks, whence when one, has to DEAL with what they have orchestrated! Especcially, when they have orchestrated, a mess!There IS, NO- way out!What you play, IS, what you git!

               I, have two, Beautiful, little women, and, I AM responsible for. Think THIS- how would YOU, feel, if it was all on you? Afore Ya git prego, and, construct a BODY-, take NOTE! You fucks, think this is EASY?? How Dare you! Awe, "aren't they cute?" Skrew you! This ain't no , fucking joke! THIS, is a tredmille, you are NOT allowed to release!THIS- is for keeps/REAL! These little people, are COUNTING upon GUIDE them! THEY, are NOT, a puppy/kitten/hamster! THEY, are Sound individuals, that require Adult respect/retrospect/direction! Take it from someone, who WISHED they had it , goin' ON! I, was Blessed with a person, whom , actually CARED, and still does. I took a chunk out. and , amscrated! IF- I were to film , her... I would have observed her, shaking her head! I'd have done the same , darn NEED, to be so fucking strong! Yohe- skrew strong!

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