Friday, March 31, 2006

Progression, WHAT a concept!

SO!-----Ya like it, so far? No matter what enzimes it wrenches from me, it does my soul, WELL- to unleash it!I, wouldn't wish this escapade, on ANYone! Ya think this , is EASY to UNleash? NO!- it's NOT!So- here we go! Now. where was I? Oh Yeah, I plucked up EVERYone , I got my grasp upon!Am I proud of this, inescapeable fact? NO!------

                              Reality, at times, bites! BUT- I  fell towards a solution. I, chose to unleash a NEW me!"Prison, sucks!No, matter what/nor how, one deals with the mess---reality canNOT be excused!"Yeah, I was released. BUT--, I found meself, staring at a sense of truth, I, knew NOT existed! "fear?", you betcha!SO, I thought a sense of "Safety Dance," was proper. What the pluck did I know?! I'll TELL you, what I found........a truth, no REAL person could escape!I don't give a flying , fig neuton, what you think is COOL! Fact of the matter, IS, we, stupid humans, THINK- we got it under control?! "WE," don't know diddly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I, ain't nothin' , but a human, meself, BUT- none of US, can claim SHIT, untill we get REAL! Please, don't even skrew with youself.FACT, of the matter, IS- it didn't begin with US, and, IT doesn't end with us, either!We , are just stupid humans. Gimme a REAL break. YOU, R just as FOOLISH, as I am!

         I am NOT well!, BUT, I, played a game, with a delightful friend, this evening!AND- Ya know what? At this point, I'm NOT intererrested, in playing /NOR finding elloquent dialect, in order to appease you/ NOR , I'd MUCH ratherfind succulent joys, in playing with a friend!I had MORE fun, playing with me friend, than YOU could promise! YEAH-I , Need you! I , require absolute attention!--HOWEVER- can you provide me with, a solution?I'm one , whom, thinks NOT! You can't , even think through your own saga! What makes you desire to illuminate , mine???????????????Peace Be Unto...

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