Thursday, March 23, 2006

I thought I'd elaborate-

At this point, I feel a burning need to elaborate on , one or two observations. After reading/writing about the episode of my begining?!, who COULDN'T, have found a focal point? I selected to mention, how I could have done QUITE a bit more gracious, in my delivery of dumbfounded anticts!However, I did NOT! Thank, GOD- I am earning a level of existance, Today, where I take the time, to reflect on my selfdestruction capabilities.I was , blogged by Gail. Her response, was, "Dear me, I didn't know!" How could she, I stayed profficiently silent. One would have to, do you not agree?Needless to say, it's a bit embarrassing."Disheveling," perhaps would be a better adjective.Yet, since my life was , as usual, scooped up ina vast, financial save auto pilot, what did I care?!I was safe at home?,with my cat, "BabyDoll Vicious," and a brand new attempt at havock.Nestled , securely, in the paid for nest of protection, and a chance to get 'em back, for what responsibilities they shunned! How fortunate, for me, Marilyn ,was on her own path of destruction, in New York , City:):):)- The place was mine, to do with, what I designated.However, I was a child of Hollywood! I came back to , one of the least of towns, compared to L.A., with 1/2 my head shaved and clad in PUNK style clothing, that belonged in a bondage book, one would find scarey!By the way, Dad, didn't foot the bill for me to bring any friends ,with! FUCK, now I gotta git some new ones, "IF," I am to continue with the lifestyle I am accustomed with??!Awe Shit, here we go , again, searching for acceptance.

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