Monday, March 27, 2006

Let's get back to the story?!

I NEED, to thank you! It was  an absolute adventure, to tripp back , through time, and visit my realizations of what I played with! I hope, to GOD, you can feel that, sporadically, I cry my ass of, and , YET, there are those precious times where I giggle profusely:)-At this point, one MUST find humor, in these sagas. Well, THIS one, does!I  DO apologise for the rant I placed. This was located on the , "Who's Your Daddy," page! I , simply had a pent up, verbal ejaculation. So kill me.Please, let us go forward?! Hitting , Scranton, Pa., I began another run.I met this one, and that one, most likely , due to the costumes I posed. Feel this, though, I ached for my older set of companions! I was comfotable with them, for my acceptance was already established.One thing, led to another , forwarding excursion.Now, I had already been educated in the art of substance abuse, which at this point, was my way of escaping life!However, I thought I was simply making progress?! "I swang, with the Big Dogs," and seemed to fit in , much easier. That is where, "East Mountain ," parties began! The spot was located in a remote , back setting of a rough turraine, where we "PROFESSIONALS," CARRIED 1/2 KEGS BY THE PLENTY, OVER JAGGED ROCKS, TO A NESTLED AREA, and carried on.The cost was , @ $2.00, per head, and one could stay as long as they wished. MOST, would kick 'em.Nine times, outta ten, all went somewhat smoothely, 'cept, whence the 5-0 decided they'd put their handwritten INVITES, into practice. To THIS day, it still amases me , how we plastered fools, cascaded down the sides of the mountain, to escape capture??! 7 times , outta 10, they MAYBE , got one or two, of us. "I", was not one of 'em. This , went on for years, untill the ONset of other mood altering substances, came into play. After that, most went their own ways. The rest of the inhabitants, just gave up, and chose a new direction!

                  During the lighter parts of the day, the majority of the clowns, hung out at the "falls," at "Nay Aug Park." One man/boy, named Chris Heffinger, would ride his bike, off the side of "Suicide." This was ONE of the strategic cliffs, that landed in the churning waters, at the bottom of the falls! It , would J-U-S-T , clear the jagged cliffs, protruding from beneath its realm of existance.Funny part of it, was, I, NO MATTER how much I drank, couldn't EVEN get the courage to , merely, JUMP off the humble "Couch," protrusion???!EVERYBODY else, could! big tough me, huh? "HINT?" perhaps.Awe, well, that was a send to MOTHER!"Awe, she loves me!" The whench hadn't the foggiest!Anyone wish to explain THAT fact?

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