Wednesday, March 29, 2006

TOO much , sumtimes!

Yes, in gosh darn deedie, I arrived in "Scranton-Screamtown! I , was a bus crash, lookin' to LAND! I, located a fist full of moldable opportunities. HEY!- I , was new, and I , not only followed, BUT, I LED! Please, allow me to get back on track, here.--------AFTER, THE mountain parties, , I found a lot of different outlets! 'UN"till, THE break up , of the fields! At  this point, I was on me own, to fetch for a new standard! NOW!, i'm capable , of going in directions , you wouldn't even WISH to fathom! Cum on, let's be honest. MY- sense of survival, , IF thought about, closely, WOULD make your skin crawl off your skeletal figurine! Fathom THIS, babe! Put yourself in my place. THEN, "AFTER," you contemplate it, thoroughly, FACE me!                    "NO!"---NOone is perfect! But, f_ck me, I'd like to see, [NO- I wouldn't,] see how YOU, would handle this discrepancy?! SKREW, the sizemantology of your fuckin' wallet, where IS your sense of humanity?????????????? In THESE days, I carry MORE clout in my sport bra, than you will EVER sense , in your make-up!BUT- that's not the entire point!YEAH- perpants, I'm bawling me eyes out, RIGHT now! R U happy, NOW?At TIMES, it really, quite stinks, to get honest! "REALITY," WHAT A CONCEPT:(- fACT OF THE MATER , is, you've NO right , to take another , into your grasp, and DAMAGE them! NO!- you assholians, didn't damage me. You MADE meSTRONGER!  BACK, to my initialization to Screamtown, Pa.I, forwarded myself, found a succulent Dude, "which- I already had a dude from RE-hab, an abominable cutie, coming OFF of "Heroin." BUT- Dude that I came accross, didn't even do ANYthing , but smoke pot?! WELL- a bit of LSD!at times. OR- so I thought. This , Dude, enraptured my existance, to the point of, where , I canNOT, even explaine! WITH all, due respect, Ya gotta read this----I, gave my dude , up, for "Elton John Santos!" I , was 18 yrs old, he was 13. The FUCK, if he responded that way/age! I, tossed the OTHER dude! And, ran FULL throttle, toward Elton!Believe me, that , wasn't my style!B-U-T, E.J., mesmirised me!           pause-                  One evening, through our ILLiterat understandings, we dropped a hit. I , requested him to go for cigarettes, as I showered. AS, I was attempting to finish the sudz , he ejoined, and made no stopage ,  at JOINING ME, dressed from head to boots, in LEATHER /LEVIS/ and WORK boots to ice the cake!" BABY CAKES, your ass is MINE!" and he took my front-------------I'm NOT onto the back doorway, crap! Lest, we broke furniture, here- there- and-EVERYWHERE! NEXT THING WE KNEW, "zAKKARY tYLER,  was concieved! AND, so was OUR love! DID it , stop, there? GIME a break! The SAD part, of the honesty, IS, I picked up , on shooting onto me veins, COKE! He fought , against ALL odds, to S-T-O-P, me! I, wasn't hearing it. HE- let go of the whole, lot!-----SO, I took, ride in the bathroom. "Who would know?" How's about, ANYONE, with a brain , that still functioned?! WHO?, would/could , be such a moronic turd? We , had this Galla,at one evening. A bunch of us , were hangin' out, and [lest , me, found a DISappointed hippy], and invited him, so, as we could bennefit from his stash of ACID! For HONEST, he came to our house, located on "William St.," and joined our extravaganza! He, then, provided us with a plentiful sense of doses! THE, UN fortunate reality, was, as , I did NOT become aware of the S.C.A.M,me little friends , took the  poor , simpleminded , individual, for a ride-----I'm SURE, he will NOT forget!Fact of the matter, IS- they squanked 'em! I , had NO idaea- for I would NOT, have approved! Truther Muck, the, entireity, of North Scranton, took on , another set of stANdards!!!!! Fact of the matter, IS, in a ONE bedroom, apt.,we had MORE than SHOULD reside! On, that EVE., everyone in North Scranton, tripped their eyes OFF!YES, I had most of 'em,BUT....At one point, "JUKIE", arrived, dressed in a complete GORILLA COSTUME, FROM HEAD, TO TOE! We, were chilin', next, E.J., announces that there is a Gorila, that, wishes to dliver a PIZZA! "WHAT,YOU R OUT YOUR MIND!" I REPLIED! Next thing "I" know- there IS a fullblown APE, at my door, peddling PIZZA!"Tazra," screams, "NO," I'm peaking!" So , the APE, throws the box, upon the floor, beats his chest, YELLING, "Jungle Love, Baby!" need I say more?                  "The Politics of Dancing!"Lemme ASK U this?, HOW would you deal with this hyerarchy?


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