Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sometimes, this stinks!

Dear, LORD!- I am, desperately trying to , orchestrate a book, seneid around what I was?!!!! The fact of the matter, IS, I can't get the f_ck outta TODAY????[crossed eyes!] Now, I beseech you, don't fail me NOW! I just bump around, a bit! Lemme ask you a question?! For a day and a 1/2, I've been trying to reach my husband on his TECHNOTRONIC device, and NO-GO! I'm not completelt blasei'! The "mother," is completely obsessed, with his control of 'US." YET- the FU_K, "indeed," has gone back to , not only his work, BUT- his flavorite past time, POT DEALING!:(- For the life of me, I canNOT understand , the consumtion of joys, that envelope POT smokers[crossed eyes.] Wait, I drink like a fish outta water! SKREW- I'd bury an out right IRISHMAN, in the dust! B-U-T- , I've come across these individuals, that DON'T get outta BED, without a toke of seven! To be QUITE HONEST, "if,' I gave that a puff........I wouldn't get outta BED!!!!!!!!!ESPECIALLY, if I were with a competant companion! Awe, gee/wilikers, ain't no body, "that," doesn't make sense to!Has

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