Friday, March 24, 2006

What's your name, Who's your Daddy?

I'm a secret. They did their best, to keep me hiden! I , just got pised off enough, to come out of the closet! I, spent enough years in the closet! Drug induced legislate, SUCKS! It's an awesome , reality, to OPEN ones' blinds, for you haven't ANYthing to hide!"Just give me what I want, and NO one gets hurt?!" BUPKISS! The Mountain Parties , were extraordinary. The shows of EXTRAordinary strengths, were beyond ones' perceptions! There were a whole lot of us, unacknowledged brats, whom clung to one another! What the fuck ELSE did we have to hold?? Fact of the matter, WAS- SOME of us came out smellin' like a rose?!One hasn't the right, to even question.The fact of the matter, IS- some of us DID IT! Yeah- we fuckers , survived, and there is nothing you can do about it! How, Ya like us , NOW?! YES!- WE, piss you off, extreamly. Because? You wished we would sink,,,,BUT- we didn't! I've had it up to my eyeballs, with , those , whom find it O.K.,to bear children, only to WAITE, 4 them to meet their demise! How DARE you?Awe, but , skrew. You assholians, wouldn't accept life if it bit you in the groin!Pardon me, I simply got a wee bit , too REAL! Fact of the matter , IS- no matter how far I've accomplished, you , were NOT, an asset!Think I'm fucking with you ? TRY! to kiss me.I'd spitt , in your face-------------nope! I would not, for I would be lowering myself to your, level! Have you ANY idea, of how we feel? Lemme tell you something. EVERYONE, has a heart! You asholians, haven't a clue!We, ARE human beings, and , whether you feel  us, or NOT- we ARE here!I'm REALLY not concerned with how much you earn, 'cuz, where is the LOVE?"All because of you.I AM?!U2.

            Back to the reason , I began this in the first place.How do we decipher? When do we account, where love, BUIlds, and farce, reigns?"I am NOT an Animal,  I am a Human being!" For THAT matter, what is wrong with Animals? They have , more intelligence, than us, UPrights!--WHAT--does the truth hurt?


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stormigail said...

You are a delightlful surprise as much as a secret.  and your biological "units" missed out on a treat.  and too sad for the adoptive ones; that they missed the essence of your soul.  We in NM love you and appreciate the healing force of this journal.  gg