Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lookin' for prayers, and adding a blog.

Me pages, run from bottom , UP! I desired to make a TODAY, log, to me story. This doesn't follow suit, but it is as important to me, as what ALL led up to it:). Despite all my antics and dramas, TODAY, I am privy to obtaining a job.In Shea Lackawanna jail, I had a wonderful cell mate named Lynda.She rescued me then , and she's at it again:). She and I, are going to GET, this job, paying  , about 8-9 dollars an hour, taking calls from people , whom whish to place ads. It requires NO LIFTING, as you will learn, why I CANNOT, and , since I don't drive, she is enamored, in which to be my charriot:).She could use the self esteem , as well do I, and we get along, quite nicely. Talk about, "What goes around, comes around."I think this opportunity, has come around, since I dyed my hair, a normal blonde, rather than BLUE! The GREAT satisfaction, to be EARNING my OWN wage, and to be the one, whom provides some little EXTRAS for my children, all on me own, ignights my molecular being and strengthens my view of SELF! Being a single Mom, I live from paycheck, from my daughters SSI, and child support, and I do a GOOD job! BUT-this from me! My reflection, will be SO much more appealing , to ME. At times, I chose to avoid mirrors.Besides, I have MUCH , to offer. I am a kind, goodhearted person, whom , quite a few ,more, than those whom despise me, dig?! God don't make no junk!Today, I am taking note of that wonderment FACT, an going forward! Skrew "Loreal," I'm worth it, because , I am. Thankyou, for letting me tell you about , EVERYTHING. I couldn't afford to pay you, for the blessed , services, rendered.I hope YOUR day, IS a magical one[kiss.]

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