Thursday, November 1, 2007

"RIGHT," Ya got A Bloody, Well Right to say!"

Hello, ALL!

         Ya know...I haven't curled me hair,in QUITE a bit!  I got into this mode, as to, "WHY SHOULD I ?" I go no places , in which to share my adoreableness??!!!                Awe, skrew it!        However, during , this week , I had THE, Most elequent endurable, haveing to do with, "Halloween!" I, was capeble, to SHARE, a 'SOUND,' Gala, with my "Children!"      Little FREAK, that I 'AM,'  A-L-L , THREE of us!, had a DEvine time!

              TOnight, as 'THEY,' slept for School, in the Morn., I took the oppottunity, to chase the NEEDS of the HOUSE!               I showered, I, Cared for the House , and , I am about, READY 4 BED! 

                           WHEN, they git UP, They SHALL, find, a SOUND , Residence!!!!!!!! It's NOT, because, I require it!!!!!!!!!! I'm, just sick and Friggin' TIRED, of being , sumewhat, ALONE!


                          It, REALLY, Peeves me off! I go to sleep, with a CHAIR, along , side of MY bed, as to ALLOW, my CAT,  { he is 13 YRS, old } so that he can BE!!!!!!!~ a Cherished soul , whom I MAY cuddle, during the NIGHT??!!!}              THIS       , is ludacreise'!


          WAITE', it gits WORSE!As you KNOW!-  -  - I 'AM,' still married! SOOooooooo, as TOMORROW , IS Friday, my husband, is 'OFF,' of work!            SOOOOOOoooo, I invited him , for 'AFTERNOON DELIGHT??!!!'  what, the fuck, IS wrong WITH me????????????


                   "yes," I AM , HORNIER than a "Viking," in Heat!    BIG, friggin' DEAL!!     " " WHY " " MUST, this BE ANYthing?????????????  For REAL, fer real, 'THIS,' is just a sumpthin! A-N-D, FOR REAL- "it," has NOTHING to do WITH, " " penet4raton! " "          "IF," you REALLY, wish to KNOW , sumpthin', - - - - - """SKREW"""the depth of SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        Ya REALLY, WISH, 2 KNOW, WHAT I crave??????????         I Deeply, Desire to have found, a soulMATE!  "IF," ""THIS,"" is ODD, to you, I suppose , WE- Have NOTHING ELSE to SAY to one another??!!!!!!!!  However, IF, anything makes ANY sense "2" you, .........I WILL, do mBEST, to CARE, for, NOT , ONLY myself, BUT U2!                     It, REALLY SUCKS, having NOone , to be able to HOLD, whilst one sleeps!


            IT, has NOTHING to do with, what one FEELS is misssing!!!!!!!!!!!  THE, COOL Thang, CAN!!!!, go," Forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ONE, of THESE days, since, I HAVE taken CARE ...I, 'SHALL,' FIND, SOMONE!       Since, I 'AM,' such a contrl FREAK, "this," may BE a problem. HOWEVER, 'whenI DO,' - "I SHALL, know my companion is TRUE!"

                I have a lot, to offer! For REAL, 4 real, it would appear, "I," STILL," HAVE Vast , amounts, to LEARN!

               It IGNIGHTS ME, to be Able , to share, what I AM Feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!  As I SAID, as THE "Title," of the BOOK, was, " What ITHINK, ""IF,""ANYone Cares!"  'THE, Reason,'  I began "IT, WAS, I, was sick and frigin' TIRED, THAT, JYST because was, because we DIDN'T have a bunch of $$$$$$$, didn't MEAN, WE, didn't hae SOMETHING to  SAY!~!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides, PERHAPS- someONE, UNDERSTOOD, How someone , ELSE , FELT- as THEY- were NOT, alone! "THEY, NEVER will be.'

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