Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Sincere addition from my Heart and Soul...

 Dancing Bow Down The Thinker Ignoring You   I come to you, today, in complete AWE!  Lately, I have been faced with some, rather BIG confrontations of 'SELF!'  "Thanksgiving," has just passed, and I found Us, SOOOooooo, VERY blessed, with awards of food, from others, whom LOVE us! We were given THREE turkeys, and, of course, the fixins' to boot.  Heart Glasses Nap Turkey. I canNOT, be more grateful, for we were running short of regular foods, and we've COOKED and EATEN, ALL 3! Tee-Hee...

       We provided Alan with a succulent meal, and he ACTUALLY, went outside on That Warm, Sunshiny Day, and played in the leaves I had raked up, with Ashley!?!! I did NOT dine WITH them. He had polished off a '30" pack, night afore, and was STILL in the pangs of leftover drunkenness, and { as usual } was trying DESPERATELY, to git my goat! I remained silent, and serving, { pissed him off A LOT! } and simply served and cleaned:)!  He said, "I'm only coming , for the sake of the Girls!"  SOOOOoooooo, THAT is how I left it! He ate / spent time, with the GIRLS!  Wink

           When it came time for him to go to the bar, I stood silent, as he kissed / hugged the Babes, ONLY to be SHOCKED, as he kissed MY forehead, THEN- me lips??!!! I bid hima good day, and wished him to take care. PERHAPS- it was due to the fact, that I sent him with a bag of turkey,rolls,ETC., for later and to share with his cats?! WHO KNOWS-

                 However, 'I KNOW,' I did it to be a kind PERSON. There were NO hidden agendas!!  The rest of the day, were mine and MY Babes:)-  I HOPE you are sitting down, for, ASHLEY-  cleared the table, placed the remainder of food, in recepticles, and REfridged it! She, then, scrapped the dishes, and placed them in the sink. Shocked ShockedThere MUST be, SOMETHING, I am doing well! Ash, doesn't do SHIT, and I sniggled her to the enth degree for it!

               That night, I took the time, to PRAY, and Thank GOD, that she is making THAT kind of progress, and that 'HE,' kept my mouth , silent. ANYONE, whom KNOWS me, Knows I have a HARD time, curbing my tongue. ESPECIALLY, when I FEEL, I am in the right, and I am Purpously egged on by a putz! Shy Whistler!   I can be QUITE the little pistole?!!

            The next thing, I wish to share, IS- we , NOW, have "3" cats!  { sumthings never change } As I spent ALL we had on the Holiday, we ran OUT of LITTER!  Crazy Shock Whoa ! I did my BEST, as to FIRST, collect sum dirt from the garden.   N-O-T happening! ALL, THREE, did NOT dig it. {every pun intended  }and elected to do their buisness, ALL OVER the bathroom / Girls bedroom!  I , THEN, tried ripped up paper?! NO GO!  Fortunately, my kitties have SOME sense, and they did it, in THE, Best places, they could have! "YEAH KITTIES!"  As well, as, we had LOADS of paper towels, in which to remedy the situations. Kitty 1  Petting  Glitter Kitty !  Due to the Holiday, the Child Support payment, was NOT placed on my card, untill yesterday. Yet- for  some STRANGE reason, I kept  composieure, like I did NOT realise I could?!!   P.S.- they are HAPPY, today, AND, so am "I"

                 The NEXT menagerie, we toppled upon, was, MELISSA! { a.k.a. Ya-Ya} I received a call, stating that her Ex boyfriends'  Grand Father, passed on, and she wished to attend the funeral with him, "Could I watch her Children?" To make a LONG story, shorter, I said YES!, and she suggested, that she pick us ALL up, to stay overnight, at her house, ETC.! O.Kaybie...

      W-E-L-L, he we friggin' go! NOW- her Children a riddled with A.D.D./ O.D.D. ?.D.D............. AND- she hastherapists for them , ETC. B-U-T, she does NOTHING with them, herself!  The six year old, has NO idea, how to wipe his butt, put on his clothes, { GOD, the list goes ON...} The two boys have attitudes, that would rattle St, Theresa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   SO- @ 11ish, that night, Ya-Ya, begins to wince in pain, and shake, freezing, with a fevor of 102! Her "EX" boyfriend, is asleep on the couch downstairs. Her RECENT Dude, has JUST left!  SHe begins to moan in discomfort, in her room , next to the one, the Girls and I were sleeping in. I arose to go and see , WAZZUP!. "I'm in pain and I can't stop shaking!", she says. THEN- she says, "WHERE'S CHRIS?" " He's down stairs, sleeping." "I NEED him!" NOW- This is the Dude that railed her up, against a wall, a week ago, and now she's calling for him??!!!! SOOOOooooo, I go git him.

           I witness him , to crawl into the bed, and remain there, stroking her face and hair, for SEVEN hours! YO!, 'I' went back to bed with me Babes! @ 6ish, I hear her stumble to the bathroom, and upon rejoining her bed, she SCREAMS- "OH GOD!" I RUN in, and she's sweating and shaking...CHRIS, has gone back to the couch. "THAT'S IT!" I squealched, "YOU- ARE going to the hospital!" I go and git Chris, and demand he take her.  { mind you, she WAS supposed to go to the Funeral with him!! }

            She's WHITE as a ghost, and begins to get violently nautious, so I grabbed the bathroom trash basket, in order to assist. HE TAKES HER TO THE HOSPITAL, After a berrage of  articulate theatrics. 'I,' am left with the house / Children, ETC.! Laundry  Vacuuming  Maid  Laundry  !!!!!!!!!!!!  She had "5" loads of laundry to be done! NEXT day, is SCHOOL... NO clothes readied! HERE WE GO! 

                   NOW- I KNOW Melissa! We've been friends for , almost 11 years. She's a Dandy actress! "SHE DIDN'T WISH TO GO!" i FEEL, i knew IT!   PLUS!- I found it nausiating, that after her ONE Dude goes, she corraled the Last one, into her bed?!! I, was disgusted.                { allow me to state something. BOTH her Children, get S.S.I., this Means, she gets -besides Welfare- $1,298,00 , per month! } Thank JESUS- I HAD...television to watch.  At, around 12:ish, 'Comcast,' put an END to her cable! { NON payment! } ??????????????????   THAT, is ALL I have to say , about THAT.

                  Chris and she, returned, and stated, she has a urinary tract infection. PLUS- dehydration.PARDON ME- but, as well did the Emergency room say, {i called} we have NEVER seen the theatrics, stemming from such a scenario! CHRIS- took the Girls and I  HOME!  Wakka-wakka , BUT- since I do NOT know EVERYTHING, and I could SEE, her dilemna, ellected to take her ONE son, with us, so that she could rest.  Pulling My Hair Out  !    { " at the end of that day, I HAD to PRAY for GODS' forgiveness, for I was NOT nice, at all! just a little nice to the boy:( } She sent NOTHING with the boy, KNOWING, the Child has ACCIDENTS, ETC.! A-N-D, he DID! I was attacked by a POOP in the pants and CONSTANT urination!  The Child said NOTHING, as MT Child, came out, and said, "Mommie, Storm STINKS, and I can't stand it any longer." { i have NO sense of smell, due to a car accident of my own:( } SOOOOOOoooooo, I called there, and asked for them to bring something for the boy.   " WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO ABOUT IT?"  is what I got! The Girls and I put girl panties on him, and a pair of sweats, as I washed, his clothes.  Vomit !!    At 6 O'Clock, a rap came onto my door, as the immediate boy-toy, arrived to pick up the Child! After their departure, the Girls AND I, danced a JIG! And THEN- PASSED OUT! lol Out The Door  Do Not Disturb  Sleeping 

                     Ya know something?  I USED to use people:(.   SO- I can SEE, WAZZUP!   She IS a user. To PLAY these Dudes, to me, is gross!

       BOTTOM LINE- I have NOTHING to say , nor deal with her, again!

                  NOW- Here comes the COOLEST part of the story!    The NEXT day, we went to CHURCH. It's been a while, since MY Babes were sick. Pastor Betty, was away, BUT- Sharon Thaure, took place, behind the pulpit. SHARON- SHOULD have BEEN a Pastor!!!!!!!!!!!    We , took our place , weel- Ash and Mugsie, spent THAT time, practicing their parts in the 'Christmas' play, on "THE EVE," to Learn their lines, as I attended the BIG KIDZ Bible Study!  Psalms . Our DEAREST Marg, shared a story, about , The Meaning and PROOF, of 'FAITH!  She has JUST returned, for marg, broke some ribs, after a nasty fall:(            She spoke of a time, where , she WAS the designated driver, for others to get to the Bible study. YET- she found, she had NO gas. She WAS, going to ask her Husband. GOD said , "DO NOT!" Then, she thought to aske her Brother,"GOD said, do not." SOOooooo, she transported any way, mainstaying in her FAITH! THEY made it! As she pulled into their driveway, realising the needle was a milisecond before EMPTY...and walking to her house.....THERE, in the snowy tread on the tires, in front of her van, lay a $20.00 bill! She turned RIGHT around, whilst Thanking GOD, so as to plac the gas in her tank, that had provided she and her Friends to Study! {it gave me Gooseflesh! }

           Yesterday, I had the oportunity, to assist my Friend! STILL. I had NO $$, NO litter, ETC.! So- she elected to provide me with litter, ETC.! "You needn't do this." I said, I shall help, anyway!!  " BEEN there, Done that.," she stated. And, OFF we went. During our path, I asked to use her cell phone, and called the EPPICard, 'ChildSupport,' thingy.Lowe, and behold, the monies were THERE!

       One of the excursions, were to pay a bill for her, in the mall. Jen has trouble Standing, let alone walking, so I did it for her. She presented me with a fist full of change, she had in her car, so as , perhaps I could git an 'Auntie Annes' Pretzle. { Each time I do this for her, I hit Auntie Annes'! it's tradition.  As I looked at the price display, I learned that I would be .20 cents short of my delectable, adored pretzel:(  With my fist full of change, I bowed my head in despair. As my eyes hit the floor, I saw .24 cents, dropped by someone. I dropped to pick up, two dimes and four pennies. It was my turn, to order, and I was able to obtain my delectable pretzel, saturated in Garlic:):):):):):):)  As I went to pay for it, I came to find, I MISread the sign, and had 15 cents more. I smiled illuminatingly, and placed the 15 cents, as a tip, for another!

           I thought of Margs tale, and LOOKED UPWARDS, and said, "Thank you , JESUS!"  Jen, then, had for me to go to 'Price Chooper ,' for her, and upon the monies placed on mt card, I was able to purchase MEDICINE, Litter, Cat food, ETC.! Whilst I helped my Friend. NOW- can you SEE, why I AM elated?!!  Happy, Heathy Holidays...


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