Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm in the midst of a trauma...

 Christ I'm Confused I Don't Know I Don't Get It I shall warn you , NOW...I'm not in the greatest of moods.

          'Halloween,' is ONE of me flavorite seasons! BUT- due to a few circumstances, I'm a bitter , medium - aged biotch! 

          Last week, our WATER was shut off for a few , LONG days. I found , myself, embarrassed and frightened. They restored it, Sat., due to my Childrens dad and an old Friend. NOW, I H-A-D to Promise their Dad, I'd pay him back, as soon as I got The ONLY $$ I would have, for the week, as it is our CHILD SUPPORT. {as I git weapy } it was ALL we'd HAVE, and, I have NO FOOD, to feed our Cats??!!!

          " " BY THE WAY, 'MOTHER NATURE', HIT, DURING THE WATER OUTAGE!! " "   i WAS A hAPPY  TROLLE'! n-o-t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

           i SMOKE!   It appears, I shall have 12 ciggies, to hold me , untill , Monday:(   LMAO- at LEAST , Mother Nature, has gone back to sleeping, for the rest of the month.

            Allow me to add to this, a bit later. I'm having a mind block. "CLEARLY, I REMEMBER , PICKING ON THE,LITTLE Angry  Sinister  No  GIRL, SEEMED A HARMLESS, LTTLE FUCK!" DADDY DIDN'T GIVE AFFECTION, AND, THE GIRL, WAS SOMETHING, THAT MARILYN WOULDN'T W-E-A-R!"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""   SEE WHAT i MEAN!

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