Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Eve !

              There is NO , absolute delight! AND, if there IS, I , haven't found it. Naw, THAT is a fib!!  THIS ,Thanksgiving Eve, my Youngest Daughter, took preside, in assisting to aide the preparations of Da Turkey, / stuffing / ETC.!   SHE, was ELATED! Wanna KNOW something? 'IF,' "I," was to be able to have rank on THAT preparation, YEARS AGO... I'd have ROCKED, Better than I DID!!!!!!!!!

           As , Ashley Slept...Mugsie went NUTS, amid the kitchen! When SHE wakes, tomorrow...she WILL, Feel the pronounced adoraration, she wished to seek!

                   Do NOT allow me to fool with you! I, STINK, at culinaries in the kitchen! However- me , and The Mugs- we COOKED!

                 There's a funky twist to THIS.  Her Daddy, WAS- going to attend The Thanksgiving ,Festivities, tomorrow??!!! Still- he is a BONE Head, and he is , simply NOT welcome.  Besides, he's PEEVED at me, that I obtained FOOD, in which to serve??!!! YEAH- he's REALLY right!

               I, am SUCH a profound JERK ! LAST time , he Graced us with his presence, it took me THREE hours, in which to harness my Childrens emotions!

           "Thanksgiving," in MY pinion, is a Sound Gala, in which to absorbe solace! A Chance, in which to be HAPPY! N-O-T, to besurged with annoynce! IT- IS, an Opportunity, to WREAK Haavock on GRATITUDE! He, can kiss my ass!

               I, watched OurBaby, she aided the preparation of The Feast! I, { as well did she } IGNIGHT, due to the preparation of a Sound Reason to nibble!

                 Alan, UNfortunately, is a RESOUND misfit! I KEPT, trying to coax him INTO a Family??!!! He, has NO DESIRE, in which to do so. HERE  WE the HONESTY DEPT.! After I said, "I DO.'- his MAIN desire, was to have TWO  Women! I, provided him with his desire, ONLY to Detest him, LESS- than I detested MYSELF!

            YES! I, am Quite alone, as for to a companion. HOWEVER- at THIS point, I'l be darned, IF- I shall EVER subject myself to such DISRESPECT, E-V-E-R again!

     With  ALL, DUE respect...I, am adoreable and I HAVE a Heart of Sterling Silver!! SOOOoooooooo, THIS Thanksgiving, I SHALL have a BLAST! A-N-D, drugs Need NOT be a part of it, NOR, will some prominant cocked Jack ass!

                                                    PEACE OUT...    Ash and Mugs say , "Git -R- Done:)"

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