Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm falling, down on my knees.

 Happy Thanksgiving Ya know something? I've gone through some SERIOUS shit. I've done some REALLY stupid stuff! Most likely, I'll do sum more;)- It seems to be like a fevor , with me. HOWEVER- I believe I gained sone INsight, today. I , THINK , I told you that my sons' Daddy, was out, AND went BACK, into prison??!!! Out of all peoples, he wrote to me, and I wrote back. Yet, I wrote someTHING different, this time! It came from DEEP, within. Lemme SHARE it with you, { word for word }...

                " THIS, is Ridiculous-

                                  It's a few days before 'Thanksgiving," and I'm writing to a dude, whom USED me , and fucked up, AGAIN, yet , another Holiday season,4 himself. WHY, d I continue to care?? JUST, because, 'I'm the one,' whom pushed you into the heroin dilemna, and I feel like it's MY fault?!!    NOPE!   It's 'cause I see things in you, that you've OBVIOUSLY MISSED!

                No matter, how, stone cold, you THINK you are, There is no , fucking way , dining on THAT putz shit, on "Thanksgiving, " can be worth a shot in the arm!

           E. J., O.K., so things got messed up!! B-U-T, if 'I' coud get past it, and- { I'M THE ONE WHO MESSED IT UP! }YOU can CATAPULT BEYOND IT ! You have earned Degrees, a NEW language, for fucking WHAT? Simply, to occupt your time?? WHAT a waste!

                 I watched you scope out my house, whilst you were here.IT, is comfortable and FILLED with pure, SAFE, love!However, THAT, was NOT enough for you. It , would appear, that being cool and HIGH, had it's FANGS into you, NOW-3 times over.SOOOOOOoooooo, The Ball is IN Your court now. If you choose to bounce it my way, I will answer. BUT- I will NOT, be a blowjob door-matt, EVER, again! I continue to realise how VERY, manythings, I've YET to learn, still stand TRUE.I've made, TOO, Many MAJOR fuck - ups!!  TODAY, I wish to nurture and flourish. I wish to GAIN, R-O-O-T-S- that WILL hold TRUE-and a Trunk thats stands Stead-Fast, amid LIFES' storms.

               When I was housed in 'Muncy, State Penetentary,' I witnessed DOZENS of people, coming back  through the razor - wire gates!, sayin' , " HEY BAY, DID YA MISS ME?" 'NOT, THAT much, I thought to myself.'   YOU- have Obviously claimed it to be acceptable, to be STUCK in the revolving , Prison Door.


                     Happy Holidays / LIFE, Elton-

                                      Your Friend, 'Pea Head' x0x0

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