Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I am devistated!

 Rain Cloud  I have done a terrible thing!  I have allowed "2" Xtra cats to reside with us. THIS, has put a hurtin' on my house, my finances and my emotional wellness!

       At 2:14 A,M,, this morning, I was awakened by the crashing of objects in my house.  As I got up to TRY to fix this, THE only thing I could come up with, since it's warmish outside, was to put the culprit OUT! IT WAS DRY, THEN!!!!!!!!!

         In order to calm down, I jumped on to the computer, and, as I made my way to bed, realized, it had begun to POUR!

         I flew to the door, and called to the newest , feline member, thinking I had made my point to him. He did NOT come wheb I called out , into the wee night! This CHILD is cold and wet, somewhere, due to my impatience:( I feel evil and terrible! I WOULD have grabbed the smaller of the two, for, 'Frankie,' is  the cat from H, E, double toothpicks! However, the bugger escaped me too often:(.SOOOOOOooooooo, I grabbed the one I could, to ensure some peace.

            I* , am Devistated, and appauled at myself! I ask PRAYERS, for 'Rascle.' , and my family, for the Girls are gonna LOSE IT, whence they arise!

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