Thursday, November 8, 2007


YES! I am writing in RED! I cannot STAND r-e-d! It causes me to think of the deevil!

             I, AM agrivated.        I have THE, Most coolest , little people, and, I haven't finaces to help their DREAMS 2 come TRUE! YEP,- it pisses me OFF!!!!!!@!!

         OUR Babies, RELY, upon me!  AND, I CAN provide , this, that and the other thing, BUT- I am having trouble, footing the X-TRAS!

           I called their Dad!  { I didn't wish to! } ALLOW me to convey, to you, he was MOST INappropriate!

          THIS FACT, encourages ME, to step UP to the Plate, BETTER than I EVER have!

Alan told me, "Either DIE, or send 'Em 2 me!" OH, WELL, THAT is Just Lovely!"

                                                  I have some difficulties.  I broke my back, in the 80's.  TWO, years Later, i severd my FEMORE! SO, now- I am REplaced with METAL. I, CREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As well as ACHE!   THIS process, happened a fore their BIRTHS! STRANGE THING, "IS," 'THAT,' is WHY , he asked me to Marry him! he felt, I'd git a SOUND sum of $$, for MY, noteable infirmaties. THIS WAY, he would have to , practically NOTHING, but git his TUSH, Covered??!!!  'THIS,' WAS- what SEEMED a DElectable nest spot, for him to reside in!


                                             Alan, is NOW, finding , that, he HAS to reside on his OWN haunches, afore he claims some one elses!

                           Pardon me, BUT- IF, I can still WALK- I am UNable to contract fundage, for Diddly!

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