Tuesday, December 4, 2007

THE, Most Impressive Dream, I EVER had!

It's 4:00 A.M., and I have spramg from my bed to write all this down, afore I forget it!


        The Dream, began, as I sit accross from John and Jens' garage, and, I noticed the once , full garage, equipped with 'Anglia,' and ' Harley,' was empty! As the dream progressed, I witnessed many, new people, begining to place musical instruments of an array, where the mobiles used to reside!

         SHOCKED, I patiently awaited Johns' return from work, as he does every day.  As he pulled up and backed in to his still his spot, backwards, I RAN to him, questioning , 'WHY' was this taking place!!

       His response, was, "Carly, the time has come, where ALL man kind , MUST move ahead and lives were about to change for the better!"  "PLEASE- explain yourself, more clearly!" I urged. SO- he did.

      "The time has come, for man and woman, to join, together, for the GOOD and SURVIVAL of eachother!" "We are coming, together, in Harmony, and we are begining , HERE!" "BUT- John, where am I to go???" I pressed heavily. "Where will the Girls and I go, if you are to flatten, EVERYTHING, and branch out into a community of Love, Peace and Harmony?"  Fear NOT, Carly, you're a GOOD girl / person, you may join us! Besides, you LOVE music:)." "You'll fit in , fine, with our new found community!"

          Aghast, I took the time to gather myself and the Girls, and chose to take part in this Beutiful transition . "B-U-T, I don't know too much about building a structure , from the ground , UP?!!" I exclaimed. "EVERYONE, has their own, special traits, and others will be Happy to show you, many things and ways, for you to offer your best accompaniments:)"                     AND THEN IT BEGAN!

                I was allowed to begin, participating, in THE, Most awesome tearing down, and ressurecting, I have EVER seen , nor heard of!!

                We began, in gutting all the sides, {NOT FRAMES } of the buldings , INCLUDIND the floors, right down to the dirt! It appeared, we would focus , on John' garage, and , quick as a wink, new walls were errected, and a New floor, was provided with blankets, cement and wood. The Band, began to raise their instraments, and moved to belt out some righteous tunes, which , only seemed to provide COOL motivation, to the soon drawing, New occupants of this community. Women, Children, men and boys, { most, with jeans, flannels and thermal tops, and Leather, [black.] brought and began their specific tallents, and put them to GOOD use!

        Mostly, 'twas the WOMEN, whom orchestrated the electrical wireing. They used some of THE, Most exotic tooles, I've ever imagined! 'I,' was begining to help lay the floors of our New reservation, that, for some, Nifty way, shifted from the rural area of Dunmore, to- deep in the woods.

       During my work , it seemed, my workboots, with thinning souls and NO shoelaces, became separated, and I was with ONE shoe on, and ONE shoe OFF??!!!  Fortunately, I located ONE of my Baby Blue ones, WITH laces, and replaced it , on my sore, freezing foot...only to 'GIT BACK TO WORK!'

        I began to tire from my incessive floor laying, and began talking with the woman, whom was doing the intricate , Electrical wireing. She began to show me, how it was done.She didn't get short, or testy with me, NAY- JUST the opposite! This dark haired woman with a thermal , long sleeved shirt, was gentle in her directions! She , then, suggested that I go for a strolle, around, and observe more ways to learn and SEE what can happen, when we all pull together for the good! Shovel Hammer Power Drill Sawing Hammering Construction...AND, so I did. The farther around I trot, the more widened my heart and eyes , became!  I witnessed , the partions of areas, connecting us ALL, in a home-like setting, SHARING the halls, NOW- lined with solid, wooden archs, and walls, that were intrically designed in decorative carvings and details! THIS, 'I noted,' was done by a man named, 'Carl,' whom OWNS 'Weggies Bar,' up the St. on Drinker?!! Carl is a decent Dude, whom provides some Tasty Eats, as well as a kind establishment , complete with a JukeBox, filled with bodaceous tunage, and a Great, Sturdy pool table / Dart Machiene ! { I do NOT frequent the place, ONLY once in a Blue Moon ;)}  ! 

         As I wandered , further, I found that , at THE very back of our community, we were, SUMHOW, attached to the Mall! Shopping 2  Shopping 3  Grocery  Sales Rack    T-H-I-S, I gathered , was our LAST link to society, { for provitions sake, of course } . Later, I found, we were tapping into their Electrical forces. LMAO, LOL! Electric  Electric Slide  

Custom Smiley HEY, we HAD to plug in the instruments, SUMWHERE! Not to leave out the essentials.

            My escapade of learning, was done, and I decided to git back to the community / My Children, B-U-T, Not untill I stopped to grab , the Wooden Bunk Beds, for Ashley and Megan! I felt, they wiuld go wonderfully, with the WOODEN halls of pure progress, and, THEY were NOT sleeping in MY bed, for they KICK like mules in their sleep:)-  The beds, when I returned to place my addition to the project, where errected, and the matresses , were ALL made from 'Tempurpedic Foam!'  They were constructed, SO soundly, NOT a squeek could be heard, whence anyone got in. The floors I lain, were stained and shelacked, such a beautiful vision, {Especially, that I knew I HAD helped:):)!!} ALL, was nearing finale', and ALL were tired and proud. As Carl, prepared the Meal, the Band, began a profound set of phenominal music, as we ALL, lined the amphatheatre seats, in which to drink in the sound of our efforts and progress!Ashley and Megan, were thrilled that i had obtained their beds, and all that was left, was for them to fight over whom got the top and bottom! LOL...  STRANGE THING, though...'twas "John," whom , at the close of the day, was the one I lay next to, for a long evenings sleep???!!!!!!!! His Harley, was parked at the end of the bed. GO FIGURE!      I think I shall open to 'JOHN,' in The BIBLE, today, and listen to what I require to hear. GOD, HAD to have his hand in THIS Dream! Peace Be Unto... Blow Kiss  Love Letter 

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