Monday, July 2, 2007

Beauty and the BEAST-

Such an orgasmic evening! I , was blessed to be able to view "Stevie Nicks," last Saturday night. I was able to go with a delightful FRIEND, and , we were surrounded by other recipients of the show, whom, DIDN'T succumb to imbosilic drunkeness/drugs!

             Stevie, sang like an Angel! She has lost , an incredible amount of weight, { it would seem, emotional, as well as, physical. } Whilst in the parking lot, we were able to position ourselves, close to a younger woman and her family, whom , presented Stevie, with a LIVE, white Dove! I was blessed to be able to pet the bird, afore we , all, went in.During this time, my friend and I, savored the time to speak of EVERYTHING, under the sun, that we had missed , for quite , some time! Did we get ALL FUCKED UP? Nope! We conducted ourselves, in a resound manor, and departed for the destination, within the realm of WAYCOOLNESS!

              I have been to a few concerts. MOST of 'em, have been wrapped in midst of those , extracted from the stupid sauce.  However, this congregation, was JUST- THE opposite! The aquired visitors, were NOT interrested in foolishness! We, were ALL, there to revel in her music, and ALL, orchesrtated themselves, with JOY-Awareness of properness, and F-U-N! 

             The Eve, afore, held the band called 'RUSH." A resound group, whom I dig...but, held an opposite realm of visitors.  I, can only imagine, the cascade of recipiants. It, actually, made me giggle! For, the stadium controll, seemed to be loaded 4 BEAR! Yet- this evening, was in NO need of the same amo! I , witnessed the attentives, actually , smiling, as it went off with a subtle progression;) AND- ended the same way!!

              NOW, with all gratitude, that i can carry...I am profoundly aware, of what I USED to find delicious, in the PAST. Yet, I am now, delightfully pleased, with what tripps me triggers ,today. 'Tis, SOooo , much different.I believe, one, somewhere, said," it's NOT what Ya do- BUT, how one DOES it!" Holy cow, am I begining to SEE- what the soul meant!

             As I resided in the masterpiece, I was able to view, I called my daughters, around 14 times. As , 'Stevie,' sang, my heart floated, and I chose to dial my husbands phone #, as well. I, simply , wished to share the solace, joy, and rapture , I felt. He was as miserable, as usual, and decided to unleash  the fact that he was incredibly sickly. "Don't worry, you and the girls are covered by my life Ins.!" The next night, I called him back, and wished him home, so that his FAMILY, could care 4 him. Of COURSE, he turned the offer, DOWN, with a barrage' of unneccessary adjectives. No prob! The funny thing, IS- I am not doing well, medically, meself! I allerted him, NOT!I, shall continue, to pray for him!!

             He decided to tell our Girls, that due to his up-coming demise, that, we shall have to take his kitties. We have our OWN kitties! And, our Landlord, will NOT be pleased , if I turn into the cat woman!!

                The wierd part, IS, the girls felt sadness, {fer a sec,} and , then, went about their lives.Even as he broke into tears, he MUST have known, that, his rants, are falling on deaf ears. There , IS- only so much, that , even a short person, can stomache! It's a LOUD reality. Yet- after,when, the same shit, happens, over-and over again, it becomes like a hard booger, stuck in ones' nostrile.I think he has found, that his chime has been ceased. At this point, one , need only to loosen it , and , then-'FLICK!' A sad reality, especially , for the booger that tries to keep singin' the plop!

            He says, that if he has enough sustananance to walk, he shall be bringing fireworks, tomorrow evening, for the Children. Assholian, that I can crumble to, said, "Babe, I'll pay for a cab." "Keep yer mouth shut!, I'll get there if I have enough strength."     "What ever you say,Dear."

            PLEASE, do not misconstrude me. I, am NOT, your precious one! I, have MUCH , to learn, master, ETC>! I, simply, observe, where I was, and where I am heading, {or wish to!} I am capeable, of deciphering, the difference. JUST because, I am a bit ill, doesn't mean, I get to crawl up the cross, and attempt to make a home."I," have, { thank goodness } realised, THE Lord, has a plan! As long, as I do me BEST , I can...'HE,' will orchestrate the outcome! I, just , MUST try, the best I can.

            The Indians, ONLY, take what they need, and even in neccessity, ONLY, when it gives something BACK! I BOW, to that type of realization.Alan, most always said, "just toss it, we'll get a new one!" I, don't feel that way. "One persons' trash, is anothers' treasure!" Personally, I get off, doing me best, to fix it, OR- use the pieces to orchestrate another something. Thank YOU-

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