Friday, July 20, 2007

I, have a Dancing Bear on my chest;)-

Yes!, I have returned. I am quite proud of myself, today. My EX-husband, is on a roll, AGAIN. He made promises , in order to show me up, afront of our Girls. Bless him, he skrewed it up, AGAIN. 

               THE cool part, of it, IS- I was blessed , in which to watch, 'Anger Management.' "I, feel Pretty, OH, SO Pretty, I feel Stunning..." Instead of spitting back at him, I, simply, began to sing it. WELL- Holy Hobinieros, did he get miffed!!!!!! Ya KNOW, I actually Meant it! {and he knew it. } It was DElicious, and self adoring. I, did NOT fall into his net!! I rose Above it, and he hung up, and DIDN'T call back. Na-na-na-na It, continues, to amaze me, how TOO many, have nothing better, than to be a hemeroid?!!  AND, I can Honestly tell you, I was , {for ages,} not more proud of meself:):)-

          YES- I know, it isn't THE, most Christian way to deal with someone. However, it was a blast. I, climbed above the self, and giggled, profusely, afterward!

              Afterwards, I claimed myself and my worth, and indulged in a rapturous shower, and smoothied meself, despite, curling me hair, and CARED 4 Carly! I, may not be able to afford, 'Loreal', but- I can care 4 me, just as pleasantly!

            TODAY, I went through this tiny Castle, like I was lit from DEEP, within! Fridays, are profound, 2 me, for The Children are home, and I NEED, to prepare, Properly, so that I lead them into a nurturing direction, of L-I-F-E! I didn't say I was of normalicy! I, don't beieve, I ever will be. It's NOT, what one does, but How / Why, one does it!

         My beloved , Maternal entities, have returned, from their frolick / quest for sound solace. I, do NOT , mind telling you, that without seeing them , upon my screen, I felt empty. I haven't much Family, left! Besides, 4 Most of my life, I have been a resoud mess up!! COOL part of it, IS, I am begining to pose as a Substantial Person. I, am in Quite a state of Shock, 4, a Friend or 2, continue to conact me, just to hear me thoughts, or, direction suggestions, having to do with Their lives??!!!!!! {who knew?}

                  Me Best Friend, celebrated her B-Day, Today! I Wished to send her something beautiful, like , the Flowers she bestowed upon me, as I turned a year better. However, I was incapeablr of calling her, to see, when the best time, in which to have it take place, would be righteous?!! Besides, I REALLY, do not have the fundage.

               I, Have to lay me body Down! Thanks, for letting me connect with you.

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